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Yoga Board Trends


One of the hottest trends gathering momentum is Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga or SUP Yoga for short. This latest innovation combines a paddle board session on the water with Yoga Exercise for a refreshingly different approach to the practice of Yoga.

As well as the considerable benefits of regular yoga poses, breathing and meditation exercises, SUP Yoga increases core stability, strength and balance and is particularly good at sculpting the legs for that much admired lean leggy look. Combo workouts are inventive and tend to confuse the muscles for added efficiency of the exercises being performed.

Yoga novices and experienced yogis alike can benefit from and enjoy the challenges of doing yoga poses while keeping one’s balance on a gently rocking paddle board. The added stress on the muscles practically guarantees noticeable toning and improvement. On the other hand, imagine the pleasure of floating serenely off-shore sitting comfortably on the board while being engaged in breathing and meditation exercises. Imagine also the heightened sense of well-being, calmness and peace that such an experience would promote.

Prior to taking to the water there is usually a 15 minute introductory period for the group by a qualified instructor explaining how best to stay afloat and what sort of Yoga exercise to expect. The off-shore area designated for SUP Yoga classes is almost always within close proximity to land and within a relatively protected area for increased safety and less wave motion from passing craft.

SUP Yoga classes are sometimes scheduled at sunrise or sunset to further enhance the overall experience and benefits of a Yoga routine with that of a water sport activity.
For those yogis needing to ramp up and vary their exercise routines, especially during the warmer months, SUP Yoga is ideal and will only gain in popularity as more and more Yoga enthusiasts get on board to participate in this thrilling and satisfying combination workout.

Yoga Board Classes

So what do all the SUP Yoga enthusiasts do when the weather isn’t co-operating or those yogis who prefer dry land but still want to experience and try out this new form of Yoga exercise? They head indoors to the studio or a beautiful spot outdoors for a Yoga Board class.

Yoga Boards as the name suggests are specifically designed for Yoga exercise and evolved out of the immensely popular Indo Boards used by surfers and skaters. Yoga Boards are about the same size as a surfboard with rockers underneath to simulate a rocking motion like that of paddle boards. For a more strenuous workout, inflatable discs can be added to the rockers to increase the rocking motion and intensity of the exercises. Further inflation of the discs will make the board even rockier for an even more challenging Yoga Board workout with exponentially better results.

Yoga Board Classes also help to maintain and build muscle tone, core strength and balance ability to better enjoy and capitalize on SUP Yoga during the summer months.
Whether you’re an avid fan of SUP Yoga or would rather do your Yoga Board exercises on terra firma, this exciting new trend has huge benefits in terms of increased core stability, fitness and health and YogiSeeker has the tools to help get you started.


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