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Top Yoga Health Benefits


Yoga can be connected to the idea of someone meditating in a lotus position chanting mantras. In addition fo the physical health benefits, Yoga also provides physical and mental benefits. Yoga makes you stronger, increases flexiblity, improves circulation and is also an outlet for stress release.

For over 5,000 years the physical and mental health benefits of Yoga have attracted legions of devoted followers dating from the early ascetics to our current modern day yogis. The medical profession also acknowledges the beneficial effects of Yoga exercise and is involved in documenting how Yoga benefits the body’s resistance to heart disease, stroke and other ailments.  There are many different types and styles of Yoga to choose from which will provide varying Yoga health benefits. Most classes teach Yoga poses as well as breathing and meditation techniques. However, those Yoga classes which also emphasize how to properly move the body, is thought to provide the greatest health benefits by improving core strength, posture and flexibility.
Health  Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga Poses (Asanas)

 Practicing Yoga poses offer a wide variety of health and fitness benefits. Yoga poses are a safe, effective way of stretching your muscles to release the build-up of lactic acid which causes tired, stiff and aching muscles. Yoga poses will also benefit the joints by increasing the range of motion and flexibility. Yoga stretching also improves the soft body tissue which benefits overall health, sometimes in as little as two months whatever the initial fitness level. More vigorous and intense styles of Yoga will benefit and improve muscle tone, a better posture, upper body strength and increased endurance. The great thing about practicing yoga is that even if you are injured or impaired, you will still be able to practice.

Benefits of Yoga Breathing (Pranayama)

Understanding the way to deepen and lengthen the breath is really a vital aspect of stretching the muscle tissue and it has been acknowledged to improve lung ability also. These respiratory tactics also fosters peace in the brain, encouraging a sense of serenity and well-being, that's a significant bonus for stress management. Stress reduction strategies provide the further therapeutic pluses of making a calming, anxiety-free environment by decreasing the ranges of neurotransmitters; the biochemical responses, which in moments of anxiety, can set off an adrenaline hurry, hypertension and an elevated heart and soul amount. Yet another bonus of Yoga poses and respiration approaches is usually that you become more mindful of and your body.

Yoga Meditation Benefits

 One common benefit experienced by many yogis who practice yoga mediation, is the increased ability to concentrate and focus, plus enjoy a happier and more contented life. Yoga meditation helps soothe and refresh the spirit and brings together the mind and body in peaceful harmony. Depending on which Yoga method is followed and the individual involved, the health benefits of Yoga meditation will very often differ widely.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Medical Benefits

 Much medical research has been focused on the health benefits of yoga and how Yoga affects the human body and psyche, in particular the heart. Some recognized health benefits of Yoga are a lowered heart rate, decreased blood pressure, diminished hyper-tension and a lesser risk of stroke. More recent research also indicates that Yoga may have a beneficial health effect on other chronic ailments such as asthma, arthritis and back pain. Yoga has also been known to help to lower cholesterol. 

Other Yoga Benefits

 In conclusion, it can be seen that Yoga has great mental and physical health benefits which can be experienced at all levels of skill and involvement. Unlike some other sports and exercise programs, Yoga doesn’t require a lot of expensive clothes or equipment.  All you need to start is a Yoga mat and loose comfortable clothing.  Another Yoga benefit is that you can practice Yoga almost anywhere….at home, in a park or even a hotel room…any quiet space will do! Yoga is the perfect portable exercise you can do anywhere.

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