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Yoga Exercise for Weight Loss


Obesity-The Shadow Demon

Many ailments are rooted in being obese.  A person is said to be obese if his/her Body Mass Index [BMI] is greater than 25 or even 26, to be liberal. Obesity can lead to many ilnesses such as osteoarthritis, breast cancer, gall stones and also liver problems. Obesity is also the root cause for many carcinogenic complaints.  There are lots of drugs available for reducing body weight but only very few prove what they promised. Others not only become ineffective but also cause some side effects that add fuel to the flame.

Yoga Exercise for Weight Loss

Yoga Exercise

If you are like most people then you have already tried numerous strategies and still have those last 10 lbs to lose. So what is the perfect way to lose those extra pounds?? The answer is simpler than u think. It’s nothing but simple yoga exercise. Yoga exercise is such a gift given by nature to us. Yoga exercise helps in curing the ailments of the body naturally and effectively. Doing yoga exercises on a regular basis has many benefits such as flexibility, pain prevention, better breathing etc.., yoga exercise also helps you in mental fitness such as removing stress, tension, and more. Lastly, yoga exercise burns calories and builds muscle.

Yoga Exercise Frequency

Participating in any type of yoga exercise will help you build strength but not all types will be able to elevate your heart-rate high enough for a cardiovascular workout. Your progress will depend on the kind of yoga exercise you opt for and how frequently you do it. So to lose weight, you must also follow a healthy diet consisting of all the required nutrition and burn those calories by doing yoga exercises which increase your heart-rate regularly.

Few types of yoga exercises, for instance the Iyengar, in which yoga poses are done by keeping the body still for several minutes in a peculiar position, with a dormant period in between each position, will build muscle strength and improve your posture but may not offer the cardiovascular exercise you need to lose weight. If you plan to make yoga as your main type of exercise, you may need to do vigorous 90-minute sessions of yoga exercise at least three times a week. Many people also prefer to alternate yoga exercises with other aerobic exercise to achieve their weight loss goals.

Best Yoga Exercise for Weight Loss

The best type of yoga exercise for weight loss is called “Vinyasa” or commonly called as “flow yoga”. This method of yoga exercise is based on the recital of a series of postures called Sun Salutations. The flow yoga exercise includes many famous, sporty and sweat-drenched yoga styles.

For weight loss purposes, we recommend these yoga exercises:

Ashtanga Yoga Exercise:

The Ashtanga Yoga exercise is an extremely forceful style of practice with a few outstanding advantages for those people who want to reduce their weight. Ashtanga practitioners are one among the most dedicated types of yogis. Beginners are encouraged to join a series of modules to be properly trained. An additional benefit is that once you become skilled at the poses, Ashtanga Yoga exercise is ideal for home practitioners.

Power Yoga Exercise:

Power Yoga is exceptionally famous because it offers a very challenging cardiovascular workout. This is a revised version of the basic Ashtanga yoga exercise. This was designed to make Astanga yoga more accessible to western students. The difference between Ashtanga yoga exercise and power yoga exercise is that power yoga does not have the series of positions as in the case of the former. This is the most popular yoga exercise of America.

Hot Yoga Exercise:

Vinyasa yoga exercise performed in a hot room increases the efficiency and output with assurance that you’ll sweat loads of buckets. Choose this type of yoga exercise for faster and better results.

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