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Hot Yoga Weight Loss Benefits


Hot Yoga Weight Loss BenefitsUtilizing the steam room concept for enhanced weight loss value and lighting up the dashboard in terms of popularity, the hot yoga weight loss craze has become the most effective means by which individuals can not only lose quick pounds, but detoxify.  As with any extreme exercise routine, there are immense risks along with coinciding benefits when performing poses, or asanas, in temperatures that rival your local sauna.  Thanks to numerous efforts from yoga instructors across the world, this form of exercise has hit notoriety unbeknownst to other less strenuous workouts.

Losing Weight With Hot Yoga

In order for hot yoga weight loss to effectuate, your chosen studio must have an indoor temperature of no less than 40 C, or 105 Fahrenheit.  Humidity needs to be at least 40%, yet you must have some form of hydration nearby in order to avoid dehydration, muscle cramping or heat stroke.  Sounds like more headache than it’s worth, yet once you’ve acclimated your body to these hotter conditions, numerous benefits come into play.

Currently 4 different types of hot yoga have come into existence over time.  These are:

  • Bikram yoga, facilitated by Bikram Choudhury and brought into the U.S. circa 1970’s;
  •  Forrest yoga, similar to Bikram except brings Native American elements into the yoga routine to emulate traditional ‘sweat lodges’;
  • Power yoga, brought about to copycat Mysore yoga conditions;
  • Moksha yoga, an excellent balance of 100 degree temperatures and 40 asanas, or poses.

Combining excessive heat, numerous poses and 90 minute drills, yoga instructors are able to facilitate muscle group manipulation to the point of releasing fatty cells, allowing individuals who couldn’t fully stretch to finally have such luxuries.

How Hot Yoga Facilitates Weight Loss

One word comes to mind when mulling over whether hot yoga weight loss is possible: detoxification. The most obvious, yet easiest to presume, reason people decide to add heated rooms into their normal yoga routine is simple: once your body has adjusted to extreme temperatures, muscle groups become less tense which then allows more fluid movement of muscle groups.  From there, you’ll literally sweat excess fatty cells away, improve your breathing, and provide constant detox.

While those statements aren’t FDA examined or approved, faithful hot yoga weight loss participants attest to how much weight they’ll lose in 90 minute sessions, and aren’t afraid to provide proof.

Is Hot Yoga A Smart Choice?

This really becomes more a personal question than professional assessment.  Depending on numerous physical aspects of each participant, heating yoga studios for the purpose of amplifying the workouts could benefit, or harm, different women and men.  How well your heart rate is, amount of normal daily exercise you obtain along with several other major factors will determine whether or not you’ll even begin to handle 105 degree temperatures, let alone follow through with a full-blown workout.

Toning muscles, burning calories and making your breathing much easier is your prize for enduring this 90 minute routine inside the sweatbox. In terms of using Bikram, or any other hot yoga weight loss regimen, as the sole source of weight loss – it simply won’t happen without other dietary changes.

Potential Challenges With Hot Yoga

Comparatively speaking, one could actually run 10 miles per day during hot summer months and receive the same cardiovascular workout benefits Bikram participants receive.  Joggers, bicyclists and those swimming laps daily receive the same.  So why in the dickens would anyone want 1.5 hours’ worth of ridiculously hot conditions just to kick start weight loss?  To overcome challenges.

Couch potatoes, individuals with lighter workout routines or those who’ve rarely tapped into muscle groups they forgot existed stand to gain considerably through heated yoga exercises.

Some initial challenges for anyone attempting hot yoga may include:

  • Extreme dehydration, leading to heat stroke and/or potential long-term injury;
  • Inability to remain focused on poses due to extreme heat blocking your mind;
  • Depression when several sessions have gone by without any noticeable weight loss;

Most weight shed during hot yoga classes is water; once you’ve replenished your body’s water supply, those pounds may reappear. When mixing other dietary regimens into your daily routine – such as eating right, avoiding fatty foods and watching caloric intake – you’ll find that these yoga sessions are actually quite effective when following the careful lead of your yoga instructor.

Study Before Attempting Hot Yoga

Every exercise routine conceived by man has immeasurably positive benefits, yet also has certain physical drawbacks. Whether hot yoga weight loss becomes your future weight loss strategy or not, always read, consult your physician and understand every risk involved before engaging.  Preemptively jumping into the sweat lodge and stretching like the pros do would prove more detrimental than useful to your body.

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