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The Best Yoga Positions for Back Pain


Yoga Positions for Back Pain


Yoga for Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, Yoga may be the answer for you.  Research studies have suggested that yoga is one of the best activities for alleviating back pain. However, not all yoga positions will reduce back pain. In fact, some yoga positions may even intensify the existing pain. So it is very essential to recognize which yoga positions will be most successful in easing back pain.If possible, consult with a yoga professional for guidance and advice.

Performing yoga positions incorrectly may also result in worsening the intensity of back pain. It is recommended to perform these yoga positions under the supervision of a specialized yoga teacher and if you have any difficulties with these yoga positions please seek advice from a yoga professional. A yoga professional can aid in adjusting your structure and posture while performing yoga positions.

Some of the most beneficial yoga positions for relieving back pain are described below. Each yoga position can be held for 5-30 seconds depending on your comfort level and experience.

Some of the most beneficial yoga positions for back pain are

Corpse yoga position:

This is one of the most common yoga positions. Relax yourself by lying flat on your back. Rest both the arms on the ground at yours sides with palms facing down and with turned out knees. Breathe slowly at a constant pace in and out for 30 seconds. This will release tension from the body.

Cat Stretch yoga position:

This is a one of the best yoga positions for alleviating back pain. Bend down and kneel as a cat on all fours. Then stretch out your hands and knees with a horizontal back. Hands must be in a straight line with your shoulders. Fingers must be spread out. Knees must be in a straight line with the hips. Keep your head loose and look down. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, curve your back in the direction of the ceiling so that it is concave. At the same time, place your chin in to the chest so that you are looking at your belly. Hold still for few seconds, then return to the starting position

Child's Pose:

This yoga position is excellent for decompressing the vertebrae and slowly stretching the spinal column. This yoga position works exceptionally well on the back since allows the spine to relax.

Sit on the ground with your legs crossed beneath you so that you are sitting on your ankles. Bend forward and place a folded towel or bed sheet beneath your forehead. Glide back onto your ankles. Try to keep your arms alongside your body with your hands facing upwards. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

There are several other useful yoga positions such as Crocodile Twist, wind-releasing pose, palm tree, etc that are equally effective. However, the yoga positions mentioned here are suited for everyone with any stage of back pain.

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