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Yoga Breathing Benefits on Stress


Yoga Breathing BenefitsBreathing is the foundation of Yoga. Yoga is built on the foundation of proper breathing techniques. The control of breath is called  “Pranayama” which means “control of life force”. You can create a  rhythmic tempo of deliberate and profound breathing by properly utlizing the body in the yoga breathing process.

The breathing technique used during Yoga is the connection between the physical and psychological elements of the practice. Because the physical body and psyche are so intimately associated, a change in one instantly influences the other. You can produce valuable changes in your physical body and mind by maintaining control over your breathing. Yoga breathing rejuvenates and cleanses the physical body, cools and loosens up the mind and helps as a great warm-up before performing yoga poses. In harmonization with yoga poses, yoga breathing fuses the mind with the body connecting the opposing energies and facilitates deep relaxation from each pose. The practice of yoga breathing has extensive affirmative effects on bodily, psychological and emotional comfort. It also influences spiritual development.

Yoga Breathing Effects on the Body

Breathing during Yoga is essential to adequately deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells. If there is an oxygen deficiency, difficulties may arise in the metabolism of nutrients from food.  Proper yoga breathing facilitates metabolism and aids in the removal of all deadly gases such as carbon dioxide which are secondary by-products of metabolism. By maintaining the oxygen supply to the organs, feelings of nervousness and exhaustion are also diminished.

When there is more circulation and delivery of oxygen to our muscles stress is reduced and energy increased. Yoga breathing extends normal breathing time, which elongates the intercostal muscles. Yoga breathing also supports the respiratory system and there by reduces the risks of asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

Yoga Breathing Effects on the Brain

Brain cells have a high metabolic rate so require greater amounts of oxygen to function compared to other types of cells. Deficient oxygen in brain cells can lead to indolence, tiredness, perplexity, bewilderment, loss of concentration and control over emotions. Yoga breathing helps ensure a consistent flow of oxygen is distributed to brain cells.

Yoga breathing exercises also helps in balancing the activities done by each side of the brain. Yoga breathing exercises assist the two brain parts to work together and reduce the left-right brain conflict.

Yoga Breathing to Reduce Stress

A thorough knowledge of yoga breathing methods can be one of the most effective stress reduction tools around. A good way to relieve stress is to take a deep, long breath supplying your brain with plenty of oxygen. Most people take in shallow breaths that deprive the body of its oxygen needs. By using yoga breathing techniques to deepen the breath we can maximize our air intake and also increase our lung capacity over time. 

Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Yoga Breathing

By having control over your breathing, you can control the internal energy of the body and eventually achieve complete control over your mind. In yoga breathing exercises, the breath is seen as the significant connection linking our physical and mental world. The most significant benefit from yoga breathing is for the mind.

Appropriate yoga breathing appeases the central and peripheral nervous system. It cools and stables the mind. This helps in increasing attentiveness, focusing concentration and decreasing the probability of stress when dealing with complex and difficult situations. It also helps in bringing out emotional stability by maintaining the emotional equilibrium. It facilitates reduction of desire and depression, helps you get relieved from sadness. The main significance of all is that it helps in finding your inner self and gives you peace of mind.

Believe it or not, Yoga breathing for sure is a direct medicine for peace. Try it. You will feel the difference. Yogiseeker can help you find a yoga studio in your area. Please use our free database.

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