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Practice Yoga in the Office


Office YogaPracticing Yoga in the office can relieve some of the soreness and stiffness of desk jobs.  Though we would like it to be differently, most of our jobs compel us to be stationed most of the day behind a computer or manned on a phone at a desk. While this may be our career, it is not a healthy choice for our bodies. Why? Well, first, the less active we are, the more chance of muscle weakness, heart problems, and general organ malfeasance. Our bodies are built to move and process; and if you are barely moving from a desk all day-in the long term this will affect your health.

Even though you are in the confines of your office, there are ways you can increase your circulation, ward off fatigue and refresh the mind. Depending on your office setup, clothing worn and space available you may be able to do an entire office yoga practice at your desk in your office. Bet you didn’t think you could yoga poses in the office without getting some seriously weird stares, but you can and derive the benefits of yoga. Over time, practicing yoga in the office will invariably improve your health and well-being in the immediate and long term of your life.

How to Practice Office Yoga

Try and include office yoga into your routine 2 to 3 times per week. If you work at a computer for long hours it is recommended that you try to do the office yoga routine at least 2 times per week.

Before you start any office yoga routine, you should take a few moments to just sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. It is important to connect your mind, body, and spirit to become focused on the movements you are about to perform.

Just practicing yoga in the office daily will recharge your organs and circulation, help promote deeper breathing, and ward off mental confusion and inattention. Most all of us hit a certain time of day when our blood sugar plummets and we sluggish. Instead of reaching for the donut, try the office yoga poses below-and you’ll be amazed at how refreshed and invigorated you feel.

  1. Turn off all computers and phones or move to an area of the office that can exclude them.
  2.  Focus on deep, long breaths with eyes closed. Breathe deeply in through your nose, and breathe deeply out through your nose-so that you feel it all the way down to your stomach.
  3. While sitting on your chair, sit up straight, and breathe in deeply for a count of three and then out deeply for another count of three.
  4.  Next, start relaxing your shoulders, arms, hands, and facial muscles one by one slowly with each set of inhalations and exhalations.
  5. Stretch your shoulders up slowly and then down, meanwhile continuing to breathe in the same fashion, and raising arms above your head-palms facing in. Hold this for five breaths.
  6. Reach arms behind you and lace your fingers into one another, while still in same deep measured breathing rhythm. Lean forward, and slowly lift your arms up towards the ceiling-meanwhile keeping your back straight.
  7. In a standing position, reach both arms up over your head, and bring them and your body forward to touch your toes, while maintaining inhalation and exhalation. Pause here for another few breaths, and with chest as the lead, bring your body back up to upright position.
  8. Sit back down in your chair and focus on the inhalation and exhalation rhythm exclusively. Do this for at least five minutes.

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