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Yoga Asanas For The Weak And Meek


Yoga Asanas

The Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Asana means "sitting down" within the context of Yoga and has evolved to be interchangable with Yoga postures or Yoga poses. Yoga is so popular because it is easily adaptable to many different fitness levels. Individuals with weak muscles and bones or just new to exercising can usually perform Yoga asanas without straining their muscles.Yoga asana movements also only contract the muscles that are being worked on for that certain posture; all the other parts of the body are relaxed, allowing you to concentrate on your breathing and that particular movement. Yoga can offer various health benefits including Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health

Yoga Asanas for Beginners and the Weak

As a yoga beginner, most of the intermediate and advance yoga asanas can be intimidating and difficult to do. Thus, it is very important to start with basic yoga asanas. Continuous practice of yoga strengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility, allowing you to endure and hold more difficult yoga poses in the long run. 

Here are some of the most basic yoga asanas or poses that will allow you to get started with the practice, without putting too much strain or pressure on your body.

Seated Poses – Seated yoga asanas are the most relaxing among all the asanas, making them suitable for beginners. Because they are so relaxing, they are widely used for most meditation exercises. Seated yoga poses promote flexibility rather than strength, but still target numerous muscle groups such as those on the hips and legs. The Accomplished Pose and the Lotus Pose are some of the easier poses for this group. Modifications and variations are done to increase the level of intensity of the poses.

Forward Bends – Forward bends and other bending yoga postures target the arms and the legs, improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles. Forward bends are done either in a sitting or standing position.

Dog Pose – The dog pose is one type of yoga asanas that is done on hands and knees. This pose is low impact, making it great for beginners. The dog pose is good for the spine and the core muscles.

Lying Poses – Lying yoga asanas are usually done during the end of each sessions. Lying poses, such as the corpse pose relaxes the body, allowing you to clear out any feelings of tension. The pose can be done for five to ten minutes in order to produce that feeling of relaxation and refreshment after the yoga session.

Tips for the Meek and Weak


 As a beginner, it’s important to keep several things in mind when doing yoga poses:

 Relax: Yoga asanas target specific parts muscle groups and do not target the whole body in one go, so it’s important to relax during poses and focus only on strengthening the part that is being worked on.

Breathe: Some people hold their breath while holding yoga asanas. However, you should take long steady breaths while holding each pose and while transitioning between yoga asanas. Proper breathing increases the amount of oxygen you take in, allowing oxygenated rich blood to circulate all throughout the body during practice.

Do not force yourself: Whether you’re in a yoga class or at home following an instructional video or book, do not force yourself to achieve what your body can. Listen to your body and feel its limits and do what you can realistically do for a particular pose. Forcing yourself can cause injury.

These basic yoga asanas will help you build flexibility and strength. You can practice them in a class or at home by yourself. You do not have to worry about not being able to hold the poses for so long, or not being able to do more complicated poses. With continuous practice, you will eventually build up strength, endurance and flexibility, allowing you to correctly hold poses for longer periods or try more difficult yoga asanas in the future.

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