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Is Power Yoga The Right Choice For Me?


Power Yoga

There are numerous types of Yoga for different fitness levels and goals. How do you select the one best suited for you? You've heard about Power Yoga and are thiking of trying it. Before trying a Power Yoga class, here is what you can expect.

What Is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a workout! It's one of the most challenging forms of Yoga and encorporates strength moves. Power yoga has become quite a popular weight loss method because of it's intensity and higher caloric expenditure. Developed in the mid-1990s, Power yoga was closely modeled after the Ashtanga style, but was made more accessible by incorporating a wide variety of poses as opposed to the strict series of poses done with Ashtanga. Although derived mostly from Ashtanga, Power yoga also borrows some aspects from Bikram and Iyengar. All in all, Power yoga places emphasis on flexibility and strength, and is usually seen as a method of working out.

How Is It Done?


Power Yoga is practiced by following a series of poses while keeping a steady breathing pattern that is synchronized with the movements. This results to unity and grace with each move. Power yoga poses may seem to be free-flowing and soft because of the flow of movements, however the process is far beyond that. Power yoga requires the contortion and stretching of every limb and muscle to a certain limit while still maintaining balance and concentration to be able to go through with the whole process gracefully.

The poses and transitions are done slowly and steadily, requiring you to hold some for several breaths. This slow and steady aspect of power yoga allows you to raise your physical endurance and focus on a certain pose without breaking your concentration.

The Advantages of Power Yoga

Power Yoga Body and Health Benefits

All forms of yoga have important health benefits, and these include:

  • Detoxification through sweat
  • Pain management through concentration and meditation practice
  • Improvement in the balance, stamina and flexibility of the body
  • Improvement in the immune system
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Improvement of self-control and concentration
  • Burning of calories to help in weight loss
  • Lesser possibility of injury in comparison to high impact sports

Power Yoga Is Easy To Practice

Most yoga practices call for a complete change in lifestyle – which includes waking up early in the morning for meditation, eating pure foods, joining cleansing rituals and the like. Power yoga, on the other hand, is geared towards the typical Western lifestyle, which means that no lifestyle changes are necessary. Yoga classes can be done anytime of the week, usually after work hours – which means that you can incorporate it into your already busy lifestyle.

Power Yoga Is Easy To Find

Some yoga styles are quite difficult to find – especially ones that deal with a lot of meditation and chanting. Power yoga classes, on the other hand, are very easy to find. Most gyms (especially the large ones) offer classes, so you should be able to find a class located near you or held at a comfortable time

So, Is Power Yoga Right For You?

Power yoga is a great choice for anyone wanting to lose weight, strengthen the body and increase balance and flexibility with just a little amount of chanting. However, due to it’s trenuous nature, it might appeal more to people who are already exercise regularly or are already quite fit. If you’re a beginner, you might want to try on milder forms of yoga first then move on to Power yoga after several months of practice.

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