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How To Master Bikram Yoga Poses


Bikram Yoga Poses

Those who regularly practice Bikram Yoga often report experiencing a euphoric effect. Brikam Yoga features a set sequence of 26 poses called asanas and is practiced for an hour and a half. The Bikram Yoga poses are designed to systematically move oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. If you want to practice and master the 26 bikram yoga poses, just follow the simple instructions below.

 Practicing Bikram Yoga

  1. Learn how to breathe. Bikram yoga classes normally begin with breathing exercises, so if you really want to practice the bikram yoga poses, then you’ll have to first learn the breathing techniques that help calm your mind and cause you to become more in tune with your body and your breath.
  2. Learn the standing bikram yoga poses. These poses continue to follow the previous breathing exercises and are targeted at safely opening your body and increasing your flexibility.
  3. Sit comfortably on your mat. The corresponding spine-stretching bikram yoga poses effectively elongate your spine and promote health in the discs of your vertebrae. The health of these discs is important because they act as the shock absorbers of your spine.
  4. End the Bikram Yoga session by performing the Kapalbhati breathing technique to cleanse and energize your body. This effectively rounds out your practice.
  5. Enjoy the Savasana, which is also known as the Corpse Pose and is practiced in between the asanas. This particular pose restores your body and allows you to better enjoy the benefits of the other bikram yoga poses. Savasana is called the Corpse Pose because it involves sinking your body into the earth, as it eventually would at the time of death.
  6. Adopt an attitude of total surrender when you practice the bikram yoga poses. This will make it easier for your body to open to the positive vibes and absorb the benefits of the practice.
  7. Wear light and layered clothing during a session and wear as few pieces as possible. Layering allows you to remove individual pieces of clothing as you begin to heat up.

Familiarizing Yourself with Bikram Yoga Poses

  1. Remember that there are no variations to the bikram sequence, so you should practice all 26 asanas, or bikram yoga poses in their correct order.
  2. Allow your body to open to each pose more deeply by practicing every asana twice.
  3. Always ask for feedback and alignment instruction from your yoga teacher.
  4. Beginners and advanced practitioners are not segregated in bikram yoga, so don’t be surprised if you have to attend yoga class with students at all levels.
  5. Be reminded that bikram rooms are set to 105 degrees Farenheit, so you should be
  6. Do not be frustrated if you find it difficult to locate a bikram yoga teacher in your area. Bikram teachers have to earn permission to teach from the creator of the practice, so it is understandable that you may have a little difficulty in finding someone to teach you bikram yoga poses.
  7. To better appreciate the distinctiveness and benefits of bikram yoga poses, you may want to try other forms of yoga as well.

Before you even begin practicing and familiarizing yourself with the different bikram yoga poses, be sure to purchase a non-slip yoga mat and bring towels. If you feel yourself overheating, be sure to leave the room immediately.

To find a Bikram Yoga studio in your area, please use our free Yoga search engine.



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