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Why You Need Yoga Music


Yoga MusicMost Yoga classes are accompanied by soothing new age music or nature sounds.  If you plan to bring your practice at home, you may wonder if you need to play those types of music as well. Is yoga music really important, and if it is – why so?

What Music Does To The Body

While some people prefer to practice yoga in total silence, a lot of experts recommend playing background music – citing its many benefits for the practice. Music has the power to affect your mood, emotion and your perspective in things. Because of this, music is used by many yoga experts to intensify your personal awareness and spiritual perception. So, whether yoga is practiced at home or in a studio, the presence of background sounds or music is always considered an important element that will put you in the mood and enhance your meditative state. Then we get to the next question, what type of music can be played for yoga?

What Yoga Music Should You Choose?

Your yoga music should have the same speed and tempo as your yoga session. While other forms of exercise such as Zumba or Aerobics generally involve upbeat and modern songs, music for yoga it is usually slower. Several elements must be taken into consideration when you choose, because not all songs are good for yoga. Some things that need to be considered are the beat, tune and the instruments used.
From start to finish, most mindful and slow forms of yoga have movements that are fluid, slow and concentrated; thus, the background sounds for the practice should have the same beat and tune – imitating the fluid, slow and relaxing flow of the practice. These are usually made by string or wind instruments or by actually sounds of nature such as flowing water.
Some yoga practices are more physical and involve rapid movements and transitions between asanas – so its intensity may be higher. Faster rhythm or chants as well as mid-tempo trance and modern pop music may also be used as background music– as long as they do not become distracting to the practitioners.
Usually, the choice of music is instrumental or those without lyrics, because lyrics can distract and take attention away from the actual practice of yoga itself. Unlike aerobics and dance classes where the songs pump up and drive the momentum of the individual, music for yoga should only play the role of a background element and not the actual driving force.

Buying Your Yoga Music Tracks or CDs

Basically, if you attend a yoga class your instructor will pick out the music for your class so you really do not have much control on what is being played throughout the whole session. Choosing your own yoga music is important, though especially if you practice at home. You can ask your yoga instructor for tips and suggestions on the types of songs, tracks or albums to choose and buy. Likewise, you can also check out a wide range of options online. Some websites offer free listening so you can listen to a small portion of each track. Doing this allows you to check out the types of yoga music first to see if they are for you, before you finally decide to buy.

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