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Preparing for Your Hot Yoga Classes


Hot Yoga ClassesYoga is well-known around the world due to the benefits the practice gives to our mind and body. There are different types of yoga, and one of the most beneficial to the body is hot yoga. If you’re interested in joining hot yoga classes, you should prepare for the class by educating yourself about what to expect and the must-do things before, during and after the class.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga might be intimidating to begin. Why? This type of yoga will really get you sweating, literally. Hot yoga is done in a heated room, the temperatures of which ranging from 32-45 degrees Celsius.
The heat is necessary to stimulate the circulation of your blood, and since hot yoga usually involves different postures, the heat also helps your muscle’s elasticity. Hot yoga also generates the blood pressure so oxygen can reach the body’s damaged cells. In hot yoga, your body’s flexibility and joint lubrication is enhanced, making you healthy and fit. Hot yoga also facilitates faster burning of calories. Hot yoga classes are also a way of “sweating out” toxins from your body.

What Do You Wear For a Hot Yoga Class?

Since it can get pretty hot, try to wear as little as possible so that you’ll be comfortable. For the gentlemen, wearing shorts or bathing suits will be your best bet. For the ladies, sport bras paired with shorts are the best attire. Remember to bring a towel to wipe away sweat.

What to do Before Hot Yoga Classes

If you have had blood pressure problems or heart problems before, ask your doctor if it is advisable for you to join hot yoga classes. Since the heat can go pretty high, it’s better for you to ask lest there be any dangerous side-effects.

If there are hot yoga classes hosted near you, inquire beforehand about the temperatures, what to wear, and what time these classes usually start. If you have already signed up for a class and you’re warming up just before it, remember to drink lots of water! You may get dehydrated from your workout. Also, try to take a short nap before the class and avoid any caffeinated drink. You will get fatigued after the strenuous workout.

What to do During Hot Yoga Classes

Your session will probably last from 90-120 minutes, and if you’re doing the Bikram yoga, it’s possible that you’ll have 26 different postures during your session. Each of these postures is practiced twice with breathing techniques. If you’re feeling tired, don’t overexert yourself. These postures can be quite challenging. Remember to drink water from time to time.

What to Expect After Hot Yoga classes

At the end of your first hot yoga class, you may feel energized or bone-weary. Some people feel dizzy and disoriented, but it’s normal. You should drink water in order to replace the water you’ve sweated out. A few days after the session, you may experience fatigue or muscle soreness for a few days.
Hot yoga classes are beneficial to both mind and body, since it helps your body sweat out toxins and get fit. It also helps your mind through concentration, and it can also help you psychologically by raising your self-esteem by feelings of joy after doing something difficult.
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