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Yoga Posture Do's and Don'ts



Yoga can be a great way for you to lose weight and keep fit, but it is always important to practice and perform the yoga postures properly so that you can get optimal results. For best results join a yoga class. Learning from an instructor is one of the best ways to learn how to properly do yoga poses because you instructor can always correct the way you perform certain asanas. Still, here are do’s and don’ts to consider when performing yoga postures in yoga studios or at home.

Don’t Do Yoga Postures On A Full Stomach

It doesn’t matter if you are simply doing the child’s pose or doing the Warrior II. Yoga postures must be done on an empty stomach. If you must eat, do so at least two to three hours before your yoga class.

Do Be Careful Of Bends

Some yoga postures involve bending. The Uttanasana or the forward bend, for example, involves you standing with your feet together and then bending at the hip. This is a good pose that relieves stress from your back and stretches the back part of your legs. However, you should still be careful of this posture – especially if you have herniated disks or osteoporosis. Other poses that involve backbends, on the other hand, may also cause problems from people suffering from spinal stenosis. If you have either of these conditions, always let your doctor know that you are planning to take yoga and make sure that you inform your yoga instructor, too.

Don’t Lift Your Bum While Performing The Plank

The plank looks pretty simple, but there are so many ways to mess this posture up. One common mistake in performing this yoga posture is lifting your bum. Most people may feel their arms weakening, so they end up lifting their bum. This mistake however puts unnecessary pressure on the shoulders, elbows and wrists. To correct this, you can simply position your body into a diagonal position. This takes pressure off the shoulders and puts the work on the core muscles, instead. Aside from that pressure and energy is dispensed all over different parts of the body.

Do Be Careful of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga/Bikram Yoga – yoga postures done in a heated room - is widely popular for its ability to burn fat, but individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis should steer away from yoga classes such as this. Heat can worsen the conditions of multiple sclerosis, so if you’re suffering from this condition or any other condition that worsens with heat, then you should avoid this. If you have these conditions, do the yoga postures in a well-ventilated room.

Don’t Lift Your Chest Too High During The Cobra

One common yoga postures mistake is lifting one’s chest too high when performing the cobra pose. However, pushing the arms straight strains the shoulders instead. To properly do the cobra pose, bend the elbows instead so that you can engage the back muscles.

Do Listen To Your Body

When you perform any type of yoga postures, always make sure that you listen to your body. Some asanas are difficult to perform and you will not be able to get things right the first time. With that, you should always perform only what you can. Do not extend or stretch your body more than you can – because you might risk injuring your body. You will eventually learn to perfect the yoga postures in time.

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