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Bikram Yoga Health Benefits


Practiced worldwide, Bikram yoga has produced excellent results for weight loss, has benefits for disease prevention and even has a hand in partially curing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. As with anything promoting positivity for personal health, Bikram yoga health benefits are best achieved when practice is combined with other healthy lifestyle habits. Below we’ve outlined the major benefits which, when combined with healthy eating, can make a world of difference when trying to maintain your desired weight and staying healthy.


Combined With Healthy Foods, Bikram Yoga Promotes Health

Although many people believe exercise alone will keep the fat off, raw fruits and vegetables are the perfect complement. Prepare them in bite size pieces in advance, so that you can bag them and carry them along wherever you go. Some fruits do tend to turn brown very quickly after being cut or peeled, so simply soak them in some lemon water for a few minutes before storing. This will preserve the flavor and color, as well as adding some additional Vitamin C to your food.

Nuts such as almonds, walnuts and cashews are great snacks. They should be raw and unsalted if possible. You will get healthy fats and Omega 3s from nuts. Since nuts do contain quite a bit of fat (even though it is good fat), this means that they do have quite a few calories. Keep your snack portion of nuts to 2 or 3 tablespoons per day.By mixing healthy snack foods and yoga, you’ll soon discover Bikram yoga health benefits include increased health and weight management.

Bikram Yoga Promotes Brain Health

Most people do not realize how much nutrition, attitude and just plain old using your brain, help to keep it healthy and ward off diminished capacity. Inflammatory factors of the immune system damage the brain cells just as they do in any other part of the body. Anti-oxidants are just as vital to anti-aging of the brain, as they are to the skin.

It is ironic that the immune system’s inflammatory response to illness and injury is also the thing that ages us and gives us chronic diseases. As we age, the brain remains capable of growing new brain cells and repairing the old ones. However, the older you get, the longer it takes. This can result in memory loss or even worse, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Yoga exercises have been able to promote cerebral health, including the combating of mind disorders.

Bikram Yoga Reverses Fatigue

Do you often feel fatigued during the day despite getting a full eight hours of sleep? Do you suffer from abnormally loud snoring or has your bed partner mentioned that to you? Do you have moments of irregularity in your breathing? If you have experienced any of these things, you may want to consider Bikram Yoga. Another component within the major Bikram yoga health benefits is fatigue reversal. This is a very important benefit since many people feel bogged down with stress in today’s fast paced world,

Deep breathing is calming, helps to oxygenate your entire body and relieves stress. It also helps to keep your muscles and brain oxygenated during exercise to keep them performing. In addition to your Bikram Yoga sessions practice deep breathing multiple times per day, eat right, and you will soon be enjoying the numerous Bikram yoga health benefits!

Remember, Safety First!

Although we’re always illuminating the benefits of Bikram Yoga workouts, it’s vital that any yoga-related regimen you begin should have safety in mind. Without safe practicing, the actual benefits we’re describing to you will not completely be realized.

Practice these safety tips before beginning each Bikram Yoga session:

  • Start slow, exercising for only a few minutes at a time and gradually increase the duration as you feel more comfortable. This will help to prevent stress injuries, such as sprains and strains and is perhaps the best way to enjoy the numerous Bikram yoga health benefits.
  • Practice your balance. An easy way to do this is by standing on one leg. Make sure to stay near a handhold in case you need it. Improving your balance will decrease the chances that you will fall when doing standing poses.
  • The old saying, “No pain, no gain” does not apply. When you begin to feel pain, it is time to stop. Pain is an indicator that strain or injury is on the horizon. Because many people find that yoga exercises are less strained, another one of the Bikram yoga health benefits is your ability to adjust poses to your ability.
  • Practice your posture. If you choose to practice Bikram Yoga, posture is a very important part of the poses. Hold your head up, keep your back straight and your shoulders properly aligned. This helps to prevent injury. Slouching around also results in rounded shoulders and a curved spine. If you want to look and feel younger, stronger and even thinner, always use correct body posture.
  • Pick up your feet when you move. This is very important when doing any type of exercise. Dragging your feet causes tripping and falling, along with stubbed toes.
  • Make sure to get plenty of sleep every night. When you are tired, accidents will happen. Your alignment for poses may be incorrect leading to injuries. Being tired also makes it very hard to maintain your posture.

If you are ready to try Bikram Yoga, YogiSeeker can help you find a yoga studio near you. We have numerous Bikram Yoga studios in our database which you can access for free.


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