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The Soulful Journey

Short Description:
The Soulful Journey seeks to spread positive social change through personal transformation.
Category: Spa/Retreat Center, Other
Full Address: faaefqw, Orange, California, United States, 92606
Geographical Area: North America
The Soulful Journey, Orange, California
Phone: 70742412533 Fax:

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Like an array of colors fixated on your easel you are able to vividly create a beautiful masterpiece of whatever comes to your mind. Your heart beats vivaciously as more ideas spit out after another. Your idea think tank is on the brink of explosion. Your heart filled with its warmth and sense of fulfillment takes over as ideas are beginning to flow as freely as the paint hits the parchment paper. Carefully placed strokes cover the vast amount of crisp paper in revealing exuberant colors. Inspiration has hit and ideas found deep within the back of your mind have now become reality on paper. How one views the world, whether flat, round, beautiful, raw, or mysterious, is depicted through this massive imagery. Whether you have one idea, or an infinite number of ideas that you innately want to put forth, in making the world a better place, - life coaching will help transform your wonderful dreams into a reality. Our life coaching, offers personal life coaching and the unique, Coaching for Change. Coaching for Change is specifically designed for individuals whose life’s purpose and work is to contribute to social and environmental change. We believe our greatest contribution to the world will be to help those who want to confront the world’s social dilemmas.

Coaching is an incredible partnership that helps you create powerful results in your life. In an environment that is both nurturing and supportive, you reconnect and enjoy all the beauty of what makes you as an individual unique. With on-going exploration, a growing deeper awareness develops, allowing for your strengths, and your gifts to emerge. By placing focus on all you want your life to be, and what is already working, you begin to make choices that are aligned with your soul’s unique purpose. What follows is an amazing transformation into a life that is full of deep fulfillment, true passion, and limitless possibility!

Ways that coaching can help your life:

Connect with a greater sense of personal freedom.
Live with greater passion and purpose towards life.
Enjoy deeper intimacy, and connection in your personal relationships.
Achieve greater prosperity and abundance in your work and finances.
Obtain optimal health, increased vitality, and greater wellness.
Create a deeper sense of spirituality and connection.
Learn to develop compassion and unconditional love towards Develop
inner strength, and total self-confidence.
Experience more clarity and peace of mind.
Unleash creativity and express your unique point of view with greater
Contribute and give back to your community and the world in a positive
And much, much more….

We all essentially are our own artists by our own right. By vividly using our beautiful ideas to create our own visions of a more positive world to cater to our views of a beautiful masterpiece, we are able to spread a light of positivity and love. Through spreading positive social change through personal transformation, Coaching gives your mind and body something that the soul deserves. Trust us, they'll thank you later!
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The Soulful Journey, Orange, California

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