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Shakti Spirit Yoga & Ayurveda Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings

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Short Description:
Shakti Spirit Yoga, with Rachel Hull and a team of experienced, international teachers, offers 6-week, Level 1 and 2 Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings in Ubud, Bali.
Category: Yoga Teacher, Yoga School/Institute, Yoga Retreat
Full Address: Bali, Ubud, Indonesia,
Geographical Area: Asia
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Phone: +61894672209 Fax:

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230 hours over 6 weeks

The training is designed for practitioners who love the Hatha Yoga system, including postural alignment, prop use, as well as Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and would like to learn more about integrating their practice with Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy.

Emphasis on the practical understanding and application of Ayurveda (Yoga's sister science) – including understanding digestion, as well as ways to apply Ayurvedic concepts to asana and pranayama.

LEVEL 1 TEACHERS: Rachel Hull (Senior Asana Teacher, Ayurveda & Course Director),Anna Smallwood (asana), Emil Wendel (Senior Teacher Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy), James Newman(Anatomy)& Dr Sujatha Kekada (Ayurveda).

A 400+ page manual, plus Ayurvedic and Anatomy manuals, including hundreds of photographs, have been written for and are included in the training.

Please see the website for a lot more information on the Level 1 Training.

APRIL - MAY, 2013
300 hours over 6 weeks

The exact dates for the 2013 Level 2 Teacher Training are still to be confirmed, but look like being April/May, 2013.

If you've already completed a 200 hour training or equivalent, either with Shakti Spirit Yoga or another studio, this 300 hour training is an opportunity to delve even further into the path of Yoga.

It also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your Yoga Alliance registration to the 500 level if you desire (your previous 200 hour certification plus this 300 hours equals 500 hours).

* Intermediate level & advanced asana & ways to modify and adjust in them including prop usage.

* Slow/Medium paced Vinyasa Flow Yoga with strong breath awareness and time to explore postures deeply.

* Therapeutic Yoga Therapy in the Viniyoga tradition - learn to adapt Yoga sequences to the individual and work with people with injuries and specific conditions, eg: scoliosis, sciatica, etc.

* Yoga Moves classes - explore how to move into challenging postures and play with transitions, and mini sequences - a great aid for Vinyasa classes.

* Ayurveda including Marma Point massage classes including extra certificate. These classes will be led by Dr Sujatha, an Ayurvedic Dr from India (living in Bali) - 30 hours

* Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra - 20 hours

* Intermediate Level Yoga Philosophy with Emil Wendel ++

* A Private Yoga Therapy session

LEVEL 2 TEACHERS:Rachel Hull (Senior Asana Teacher, Ayurveda & Course Director), Fela Adebiyi(Senior Asana Teacher especially Vinyasa Flow Yoga,) Wendel (Senior Teacher Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy Teacher), James Newman(Anatomy & Yoga Therapy)& Dr Sujatha Kekada (Ayurveda including Marma Points).

As soon as the exact dates are confirmed, the information will be put up on our website:

The trainings are held at Santra Putra, a traditional Balinese family compound, tucked away in the rice paddies of Penestanan Kaja, just outside Ubud, Bali.

To ensure lots of attention and a more personal feel, no more than 16 participants are accepted for our trainings.
Shakti Spirit Yoga & Ayurveda Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings, Ubud, Indonesia
Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, Svastha Yoga, Viniyoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Arts System, Other, Pranayama, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy/Theory

Rachel in Krauncasana
Class Level
Intermediate, Advanced

Teacher Profiles
Anna Smallwood
Anna Smallwood
Anna was first introduced to yoga in 1998 part of her intensive training as Professional Contemporary Dancer. She completed a Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of The Arts, Melbourne, and maintained her yoga practice whilst working as a dancer. She immediately fell in love with Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga Vinyasa practices, as they allowed her to find freedom through movement, yet unlike dance, are driven by the breath. In 2005 Anna completed her yoga teacher training at Brahmani Yoga, Goa, India, with Julie Martin, and has returned to India each season since then, to both teach at Brahmani Yoga, and to deepen her own yoga practice. She has worked on the Shakti Spirit Teacher Trainings in both Goa and Bali. Anna teaches on the Level 1 Teacher Trainings.
Dr Sujatha Kekada
Dr Sujatha Kekada
Ayurvedic Consultations & Philosophy, Cooking & Home Remedies - Dr Sujatha Kekada is a certified Ayurvedic Dr (B.A.M.S.), who completed her degree in Karnataka, India. Dr. Kekada has worked as an Ayurvedic Doctor in one of the most respected and successful clinics in Kerala, South India. She has also practiced as a consultant in Europe and at one of the top health retreats in Asia- Como Shambala. Dr. Kekada’s knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her warm and caring attitude has facilitated deep healing for many people. As a mother of two, Dr. Kekada is also able to offer sound advice for pre- and post natal care, including appropriate medicines and treatments. With her husband and children, she now has a home base in Ubud, Bali. Dr Sujatha will be working on both our Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings - providing health advice, a herb walk, Ayurvedic classes (Level 1 & 2), consultations (Level 1), cooking classes (Level 1) and Marma Massage (Level 2).
Emil Wendel
Emil Wendel
Pranayama & Yoga Philosophy- Emil was born in Switzerland and has been living in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying first Chinese Classics and Taoism in Taiwan, and then Sanskrit and Indian Thought on the Subcontinent. This early research was made possible through a six-year grant by the Department of Education of his home country. The many years of residency in Nepal and India have given Emil an exceptional insight into the depth of Indian Civilization and its underlying currents. One of his mentors was the late Professor Saraswati Prasad Ghimire. The affiliation with him and other Pandits covered research in Hindu and Buddhist literature, as well as thought and ritual in their original context. Emil works on both our Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Trainings, (usually in the second half) leading the Pranayama/Meditation and Philosophy classes.
Fela Adebiyi
Fela Adebiyi
Fela is a yoga teacher based in Shanghai, China. He has trained in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Viniyoga and Himalayan Meditation traditions and has been teaching in Europe and in Asia for more than ten years. He is an inspirational teacher who incorporates both the physical and mystical aspects in his practice of yoga. Fela's classes integrate dynamic Vinyasa flow asanas, linking movement and breath with precise alignment, meditation and visualisation, in order to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. His classes emphasise enjoyment while maintaining a meditative mind, regardless of the level or pace of practice. Fela works on our Level 2 Trainings and will be leading many of the morning Asana practice classes, as well as co-teaching the adjusting classes.
James Newman
James Newman
James has been teaching on both our Level 1 and 2 Bali trainings. He has been a devoted Yoga student for 10 years and is certified to teach in the Anusara, Kripalu and Vinyasa Krama styles. Since 2005 he has studied extensively - over 400 hours - with Srivatsa Ramaswami (Krishnamacharya's personal student for 30 years). He has also completed a 200-hour program on Yoga sequencing at KYM - the Krishnamacharya family school in Chennai, India. He has also attended modules 1 & 2 of the Svastha Yoga Therapy program in Chennai, India, with Ganesh Mohan. James is a Level 5 - Cranio Sacral therapist as well as a deep tissue massage therapist, and has a profound understanding of the human body and movement. He will be teaching practical and hands on Anatomy for Yoga classes, with a strong emphasis on Yoga Therapy, and adapting Yoga to the individual.
Rachel Hull
Rachel Hull
Director, Senior Asana Teacher & Ayurveda, is known for her precision with alignment, her knowledge of prop useage, as well as her ability to encourage each participant to practice in a flowing, graceful way that is suitable for their individual body. She commenced pre-natal Iyengar classes when pregnant with her son, and has been practicing Yoga for 25 years and teaching for 15 years. She has taught on at least 20 Yoga teacher trainings between Australia, Indonesia, India, China & Malaysia. Rachel is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant who trained for 2 years' with an Ayurvedic Dr. She is based in Ubud, Bali. Rachel has completed modules 1 & 2 of the Svastha Yoga Therapy program in Chennai, India with Ganesh Mohan. Rachel is the senior Asana teacher for the Level 1 Trainings, and is the Course Co-ordinator as well as Restorative Yoga teacher on the Level 2 Trainings. She also teaches other classes such as Pranayama on both trainings.

Shakti Spirit Yoga & Ayurveda Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings, Ubud, Indonesia

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