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Gaia Flow Yoga

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Short Description:
Gaia Flow Yoga is a powerful vinyasa flow, love base, practice that is perfect for the beginner and experienced yogi. We offer 3 basic practices Ocean (aerobic) , Mountain (power), Desert flows (detox) all which strength the body while balancing and quieting the mind as inward movement of spirit. There is something for everyone! Love is all that matters ~ Chrystal Rae
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Full Address: Gaia Flow Yoga,15520 Spectrum Drive Addison, Texas, United States, 75001
Geographical Area: North America
Gaia Flow Yoga, Addison, Texas
Phone: 214-235-1153 Fax:

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Gaia Flow Yoga is a love based yoga practice structured in a particular flow and sequence that is based on ancient science, but geared for a modern yogi. To be precise GFY is an innovative, intuitive, and unique blend of three traditional schools of yoga linked together with vinyasa flow:

1. Hatha (asanas)

2. Raja (contemplative)

3. Bhakti (devotional)

The fundamental structure of Gaia Flow Yoga is symbolically modeled after and grounded in the natural movement, flow and structure of the Earth (Gaia), and Nature. Emulating the intrinsic qualities of Nature (peace, power and flow), Gaia Flow Yoga is unique in its terminology and intention, sequencing and flow.

Gaia Flow Yoga is deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and wisdom, yet unique in its modern expression, structure and utilization of conscious language and breath to move through resistance (on our yoga mat and in our lives) with kindness, compassion and the unwavering strength of unconditional love.

“With an open heart and all our love we are honored to welcome you to our Gaia Flow Yoga family.”
Gaia Flow Yoga, Addison, Texas
Yoga Styles
Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Other

Gaia Flow Yoga, Addison, Texas
Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Gaia Flow Yoga, Addison, Texas

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