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Sushumna Yoga Studios & School

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"Sushumna offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul. "Sushumna is committed to aiding everyone to live a healthier, cleaner and more rewarding life. We are a RYS 200, we offer RYT 200 training that surpasses the requirements for you to register with Yoga Alliance , and therefore become internationally recognized as an accomplished RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).
Category: Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio/Center, Yoga School/Institute, Spa/Retreat Center, Yoga Retreat
Full Address: Sushumna Studios & School,At Aquatica, Morjim - Ashwem Beach Road, Pernem Ashwem, Goa, India, 403512
Geographical Area: Asia
Sushumna Yoga Studios & School, Ashwem, Goa, India
Phone: +91 8975275266 Fax:

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Sushumna Studios & School is in a beautiful setting, 5 minutes from the sea, surrounded by fields and palm trees.
We are open every year in the season from Mid October to Mid April.
We offer a wide variety of yoga: Led Mysore self-practice, Restorative Yoga, Sushumna Vinyasa Flow, Iyenger, Hatha, Kirtan, Pranayama, Meditation, Pilates, Dance Movement Arts and Yogalates

We accommodate yoga holidays and retreats throughout the season and we have a wonderful gourmet restaurant on location catering to all needs. This year we are working with Ayurvedic doctors and therapists to aid you in optimum health or healing of various conditions. For class schedule, workshops, YTT's 200 please do go to our website for more information:
Sushumna Yoga Studios & School, Ashwem, Goa, India
Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kirtan Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Mysore Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy/Theory

Sushumna Yoga Studios & School, Ashwem, Goa, India
Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Teacher Profiles
Dr. Abhay Keste
Dr. Abhay Keste
Sushumna is deeply honored to introduce Dr. Abhay Keste, who will be joining the teacher faculty for Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training “A path on the way to rediscovering that we come from Enlightenment” to teach Iyengar yoga and anatomy lessons to the students. Dr. Keste is a remarkable disciple of BKS Iyengar, who, after finalizing his Iyengar yoga training at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune, opened Shrikant Yoga Centre in Belgaum with the aim to offer his instruction and share his knowledge of perfect, holistic health. By now, there are two Shrikant Yoga Centres, one of which was inaugurated by the Guruji, BKS Iyengar himself. Perhaps the success of Abhay’s centers can be accredited to his degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery, which enables him to teach yoga with a very strong focus on proper alignment, as well as physiological perspective. He started his journey on the path of yoga along with his father, who took up a yogic lifestyle himself as a means to improve his health. Dr. Abhay Keste has since come to the great realization that yoga can pose as a highly effective and powerful source of rejuvenation on the physical as well as the mental and, ultimately, the spiritual level. He maintains that health is linked to one’s mind and thus, the body-mind connection cannot be underestimated in light of optimum health and well-being. Abhay claims that nowadays, we are confronted and at times even threatened by our busy lives and fastpaced daily routines, which often tempt our minds to wonder and focus on various external information, while the inner self is discarded. This leads to imbalance and detachment that in turn can begin to manifest as pathology. It is for this reason that he believes yoga to be the best system to achieve true freedom, serenity and bliss. He also stresses that yoga is universal – every person can use it to their advantage, it is like a free medicine that we always carry with us. Dr. Keste keeps up with his personal practice under the guidance of the Guruji, who has visited Shrikant Yoga Centre on occasion, as well. Often claimed to be the personification of yoga, Abhay is a wonderfully joyous person with a radiant smile, kind word and helping hand. And by the way, he can stand on his head for 105 minutes – practice makes perfect indeed!
Ivan Melikadze
Ivan Melikadze
Ivan’s path to world of yoga began 7 years ago at the Moscow Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Center. Before this time, Ivan was a typical computer freak, weighed 100kg and round-shouldered. He started yoga practice because of health issues which started to appear. It was tough and challenging in the beginning, taking into account Ivan was 32 and had not done any physical exercise since a teenager. As it often happens with yoga, Ivan was inspired by the spiritual depth and he slowly moved deeper and deeper into the realms of yoga soon realizing the purpose of his life. Ivan left a manager’s position in a large computer company and moved to China where he started to teach. Ivan teaches in several yoga studios in Beijing and is here with us for the season. He believes yoga can cardinally change one’s life and give one the opportunity to reveal their spiritual being. He uses Iyengar style alignments and Andrey Lappa’s ‘universal approach’, has a dramatic impact, on Ivan’s teaching style. “For me yoga class is not just postures and alignments but rather exchanging energy”. Ivan also teaches yoga therapy, yoga philosophy and Kirtan/chanting.
Nana Sun
Nana Sun
Nana is certified by Shri Sheshadri of Mysore Mnadala in Mysore, India. She hails from Moscow and is a practitioner and mentor of Yoga in India, China and all over the world. She has learnt a wide range of subjects relating to Yoga and Psychology, endeavoring to make energy and creativity alive in her, and others around her. She believes that to adapt to a modern lifestyle, much more is required in the teaching of asanas than merely being knowledgeable and experienced. Inspiration and Co-operation are needed for a high standard to gradually appear, and become a reference point, that both teachers and students can safely rely on. Besides the choice of postures, sequencing is an Art where knowledge is essential to high quality teaching. She seeks to adapt to what students hope to find in Yoga through these different styles: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sivananda Yoga. She has also developed her own personal approach inspired by Iyengar and Viniyoga, Shadow Yoga, Spinal health and Universal Yoga. She believes clarity matters in all aspects of life i.e: in actions, emotions and thoughts and is essential but easily broken without a tool like Yoga to achieve this.
Pandit Anand Acharya Semalty
Pandit Anand Acharya Semalty
Anand was born into a Gaur Brahmin family of Bharadwaja Gotra, from Badrinath in the Himalaya’s, he descends from the great sage Bharadwaja Maharishi of the Vedic Period. Since childhood he has been studying the Vedas at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi. Anand has the M.A. in Viakaran (Sanskrit Grammar) and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), with the honorific title Acharya (a scholar who practices what he teaches). This was inherited from rom his grandfather, Sri Pandit Gyandev Semalty, who himself was the Adviser and Astrologer of the Maharaja of Tehri- Gahrwal. He was blessed through him to receive deeper knowledge about Astrology and Palmistry. His Father Sri Pandit, Purushottam Dutt Semalty inducted him into Vedic Rituals and Tantra. The traditional and intense practice and realization of Yoga, Mudra and Meditation he achieved from Yogis in the Himalayas. He is fluent in Sanskrit, Hindi, English and German. He will be teaching Yoga Philosphy, Kirtan/ Aarti, ayurveda with yoga and Kriya (cleansing techniques).
Sonja Appel
Sonja Appel
Sonja (ERYT 200) is the founding Director of Sushumna and has eleven intensive years of experience studying and teaching Yoga and twenty years experience of teaching Pilates in London. Her Teachers are from all over the world and have greatly helped and influenced her: Shri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji), Sharat Rangaswamy, Saraswati Rangaswamy, Shri Sheshadri, Cathy Louise Broda, Leela Miller, John Scott, Michael Gannon, Edward Clarke, David Swenson, Claire Best, Anna Ashby, Daniel Aaron, Simon Borg Olivier, Rolf & Marci Naujokat, Emil Wendel (yoga philosophy), Yat Malmgren (movement psychology), Mercia Hetherington ( Pilates & Ballet) and Imogen Claire (Ballet). She has a BA in Classical Theatre and Acting and an MA in Contemporary Dance. She comes from a professional performing arts background and has found these two disciplines to be invaluable in balancing and maintaining calmness in her life. She is certified by the British School of Yoga, is a certified Vibrant Living Teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance. She also conducts workshops in Ashtanga, Restorative Yoga (Yin), Mysore self-practice, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Yogalates, Pilates, Free-style Dance & Method Acting nationwide and abroad.

Sushumna Yoga Studios & School, Ashwem, Goa, India

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