heyam dukham anagatam – Future suffering is to be avoided Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2:16 Essential Yoga Therapy has two distinct missions: One, to offer Client Based Yoga Therapy; the other to help yoga teachers in developing skills in the arena of yoga cikitsa or yoga therapy." >
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heyam dukham anagatam – Future suffering is to be avoided Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2:16 Essential Yoga Therapy has two distinct missions: One, to offer Client Based Yoga Therapy; the other to help yoga teachers in developing skills in the arena of yoga cikitsa or yoga therapy.
Category: Yoga Teacher, Yoga School/Institute
Full Address: 4030 346th Dr. SE, Fall City, Washington, United States, 98024
Geographical Area: North America
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E.Y.T. provides high quality and skilled therapeutic application of yoga to individuals in need. The teachings of yoga encompass the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Yoga cikitsa, or therapy offers clearly delineated tools designed to relieve suffering and facilitate healing disease or discomfort on any of these levels. The education and skills required to work in the realm of yoga therapy surpass those of the average yoga teacher, as they necessitate a more complete understanding of anatomy, physiology and psycho-spirituality from both the eastern and western traditions.

Robin Rothenberg draws deeply from the authentic lineages of yoga, while also incorporating contemporary understanding of body and mind, the results of years of study in western science and medicine. She acts as an educator or bridge between these two seemingly disparate worlds, facilitating clients in achieving a new awareness of their condition, helping them break free of habits that are debilitating, and develop a clear plan of action (often referred to as a personal practice) to help themselves find equilibrium and greater health.

Therapeutic Yoga with Robin has been a great help to me. Within the first two sessions she was able to give me recommendations about muscle cramps that has made a huge difference for me. I am also learning to adapt and relax instead of trying to fix my body. I would recommend this class to anyone with stiffness or tightness in their body. - Bob H.

Robin has been training yoga teachers since 1993, and her training is certified with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hr. level. For the past several years, she has turned her attention to supporting yoga teachers in developing skills as yoga therapists. She offers various trainings and educational clinics (which qualify for YA Continuing Ed. Credits), addressing both specific and more global aspects of yoga therapy.
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Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga, Viniyoga, Yoga Therapy

Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Teacher Profiles
Jill Massengill, D.C.
Jill Massengill, D.C.
As a yoga teacher and chiropractor, Dr. Jill Massengill, D.C. brings a keen awareness and understanding of body balance to her teaching. Since 2000 she has taught Viniyoga, specializing in creating healing practices for her clients. Jill is the anatomy instructor for The Yoga Barn’s YA-500 hr. Teacher Training, combining the work of: Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains; Dr. James Chestnut, The Wellness Practice; and Shirley Sharman, P.T., Movement Impairment Syndrome. Her unique and diversified approach emphasizes applied anatomy and the way interconnected pathways in the body relate to one another. Jill will facilitate E.Y.T. students in developing an in-depth understanding of practical anatomy, in exploring how and why movement effects the nervous system, and discovering how to stimulate brain function through movement.
Lulu Peele
Lulu Peele
Lulu Peelle, AVI Certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor has been teaching yoga since 2002, specializing in yoga therapy for the past 4 years. As an AWC, Lulu brings a strong foundation in ayurveda to her yoga practice and teaching and will be providing the ayurvedic education for the E.Y.T. Therapist Training, emphasizing: knowledge of Ayurveda and its application; the usage of Ayurvedic principles in your own practice and in life; the skills to include this as part of your holistic therapeutic prescription. Lulu will also be offering mentorship opportunities for students who are interested in developing a more in-depth understanding of Ayurveda.
Lynn Hughes, D.O.
Lynn Hughes, D.O.
Dr. Lynn Hughes, D.O., Board Certified Psychiatrist, RYT-500 in Viniyoga, brings a wealth of knowledge to E.Y.T. Lynn has been teaching yoga since 2004, and has developed a unique approach she calls "Yoga-Mind", which weaves Eastern and Western psychological frameworks and practice together seamlessly. This includes meditation and awareness practices, such as Yoga Nidra and voice dialogue. Heading up the E.Y.T.’s psycho-emotional therapy component, Lynn will provide basic understanding of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, emotional and cognitive development, psychoneuroimmunology, and personality styles. She’ll facilitate students in developing the skills to design and implement yoga practices to support a client's healing of mood, anxiety, trauma, and chronic stress disorders. Mentorship opportunities with Lynn will be available.
Robin Rothenberg
Robin Rothenberg
As Program Director for the E.Y.T. Therapist Training, Robin will be responsible for teaching the theory and application of yoga therapy and ensuring the overall structure of the program is stremlined. Robin has a unique gift for creating, safe, challenging and rich educational trainings through which students and teachers deepen into great awareness of themselves. For Robin's full bio, click here.

Essential Yoga Therapy, Fall City, Washington

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