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Samasati Nature Retreat

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Short Description:
Living Yoga in the Rain Forest - 23/30 November 2013
Category: Yoga Retreat
Full Address: Samasati Nature Retreat, Hone Creek, Costa Rica, 2032070
Geographical Area: Mexico/Central America
Samasati Nature Retreat, Hone Creek, Costa Rica
Phone: 800 5639643 Fax:

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“Living Yoga and Meditation in the Rain Forest” – November, 23-30, 2013

Join Max Monti for 7 days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the Pristine South Caribbean Costa Rica Jungle!
Experience a truly yogic life-style in the midst of the Rainforest , driven and inspired by this astoundingly conducive environment where meditation and practice are naturally endowed and sustained. Come along with the ancient and contemporary Art of Living in Yoga while enjoying Life at its most…”Yogah Citta Vritti Nirodhah”…quieting the movements of the mind…NO PLACE IS TOO FAR…!!!


The retreat will include, beside accommodation, three daily meals and taxes:

- Asanas practice (Purna and Yin Yoga)
- Meditations (Mindfulness and Nadabrama)
- Pranayama (Nadi Sodhana , Viloma)
- Savasana (The art of relaxation)
- Philosophy of Yoga
- Tour (Waterfall trekking)
- Meditative Jungle walk

A beautiful, deep, transformative and healing week you do not want to miss.

Reservations at:
Telephone number: 800 563 9643(USA)
Information about Yoga , write Max at:
Yoga Styles
Hariom Yoga , Hatha Yoga, Yoga in Daily Life, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Purna Yoga

Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Samasati Nature Retreat, Hone Creek, Costa Rica

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