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Inner Vision Yoga Studio- Chandler & Tempe

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Short Description:
Tempe location: 725 E Guadalupe Rd #725 Tempe, AZ 85283 Beautiful, spacious studios serving southeast Phoenix, Arizona community. Everyone welcome. Breath in. Come In.
Category: Yoga Studio/Center
Full Address: Chandler location:,1949 W Ray Road Chandler, Arizona, United States, 85224
Geographical Area: North America
Inner Vision Yoga.  Go in...Peace Out!
Phone: 480-632-7899 Fax: 480-839-1006

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Go In, Peace Out! Experience more than just a "workout."

Inner Vision Yoga is dedicated to cultivating the direct experience of physical, mental and spiritual awareness so that each class becomes a practice integrating mind, body and soul. Whether you want a serious physical challenge, a deeply relaxing experience, or both, Inner Vision Yoga offers this and more in multi-level classes that support your life's journey. Classes include: all-levels, beginner's, power, flow, heated, yin, Ashtanga, restorative, meditation, pre-postnatal, and kids' yoga at two beautiful studios in Tempe and Chandler. Workshops, retreats, retail, community classes, and teacher training: 200, 300 (add to your existing certificate for Master level) and 500-hour trainings emphasize direct experience. Our 300 hour training program adds to your existing 200 hour certificate, the only program of its kind in the state of Arizona! 480.632.7899,
Inner Vision Yoga.  Chandler Studio
Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy/Theory, Bhajans/Singing, Seva

Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Teacher Profiles
Aaron Goldberg
Aaron Goldberg
A serious injury led Aaron Goldberg to study the art of Yang and Chen style Tai Chi with Master Jin Hung Lee. After many more years of trying to heal his body of chronic pain he began studying Yoga. Within eight months the pain that had plagued him for sixteen years was gone. Aaron is a co-owner of Inner Vision Yoga. He teaches each class in a flowing style that encourages students to move past old limitations with discipline and compassion.
Jeff Martens
Jeff Martens
Jeff Martens- has been teaching yoga and holistic principles principles since 1989. His understanding flows from diverse sources including a Psychology and MFA degree, a deep love of sacred stories, and a three year study of the world's sacred texts. His classes combine timeless wisdom, internal adjustment, practical philosphy and inspiring affirmation in a dynamic flow unifying the teachings of Classical and Tantra Yoga. Jeff is a writer, teacher trainer, co-founder of the Yoga-Vision Yoga Conference, founder of the Student Yoga Program at Arizona State University and co-owner of Inner Vision Yoga in Chandler, Arizona. To read articles and essays by Jeff, click here. Check out his DVDs YogaFlow and YogaPower at
Josh Rothman
Josh Rothman
Josh Rothman earned both his 200 hour and his master level certification from Inner Vision Yoga and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Sports related injuries from soccer led him to the practice of yoga; he has been teaching since February 2005 and currently helps facilitate in the Teacher Training Program. His love of asana is the experience of how healing it is for mind and body. Josh gears classes towards the healing of past (and prevention of future) injuries, along with an exploration of the connections between the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. As a jnana yogi, he is drawn to any intellectual pursuit that sheds light upon the true self. Josh has a diverse background in the liberal arts and has done post graduate work in political philosophy, justice studies and religious studies. Josh is honored and truly grateful to be part of the Inner Vision family and is perpetually thankful to all his teachers.
Maredith Estrada Schroeder
Maredith Estrada Schroeder
Maredith Estrada-Schroeder E-R.Y.T. has a passion, energy, and dedication for the art of yoga. A lover of adventure, travel, and children, she sees beauty in all things and encourages others to see it as well in their yoga practice and daily life. With great humor and joy she integrates her love for the dance of vinyasa, the deepening of yin, the strength of power, and the stillness of meditation with breath, body and soul in the classes she teaches with humor and joy. She is blessed with love and inspiration from incredible family and friends and is thankful for the guidance of her teacher, Aaron Goldberg and more recently the influence of Jeff Martens. Maredith holds a Master-Level Yoga Teaching Certificate and currently assists and facilitates the teaching training program at Inner Vision Yoga. She is truly honored to be part of the Inner Vision family.
Michele Dante
Michele Dante
Michele Dante is dedicated to teaching relaxation and meditation to help people find peace within. Her compassion and heart-felt teachings are supported by a rich inner wisdom and a keen observation of physical and energy anatomy. She is a nationally registered yoga teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, trained and certified Thai Yoga Therapist, Co-director of yoga teacher training programs, Co-Owner of Inner Vision Yoga and the Co-Founder/Director of the YogaVision Yoga Conference.
Michelle Hegmon
Michelle Hegmon
Michelle Hegmon learned (see Learning article link), and is continuing to learn, Yoga from Jeff Martens. She has been a teacher (of many subjects) all of her adult life, and has been teaching Yoga formally since 2004. She completed her master level teacher training at Inner Vision Yoga, and Ashtanga teacher training with Richard Freeman. Michelle teaches Ashtanga and a variety of other classes at InnerVision, and she teaches in the teacher training program. She is also a professor of anthropology at Arizona State University. Her classes emphasize a blending of classic postures and vinyasa as gateways to finding presence, awareness, and peace. She delights in the way the joy of Yoga has infused all parts of her life, and she draws upon all these parts in her Yoga teaching and practice.
Patricia Pagliuca
Patricia Pagliuca
Patricia Pagliuca, CYT is honored to share the magic and truth of yoga, and infinitely grateful to the lineage of brilliant teachers that continue to inspire her. She has shared her love of yoga since February 2002 to remind people of their innate Divinity and to spark their own bhakti and enthusiasm. In class she fluidly combines her love of dance, music, and poetry, on-going study of anatomy and energetic healing arts, and Patanjali's eight limbs to lovingly guide students in cultivating deeper presence and awareness. She enjoys teaching students to connect to the innate peace, balance and unity within them, while aligning the breath and body in fun, graceful, and empowering postures. She encourages yogis to take the beauty, wisdom, and joy they discover in their own hearts into their daily lives.

Inner Vision Yoga Studio- Chandler & Tempe, Chandler, Arizona

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