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Shanti Yoga Yukon

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Short Description:
One Month Yoga Intensives in Whitehorse, YT
Category: Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio/Center, Yoga School/Institute, Fitness Center/Health Club, Yoga Retreat
Full Address: 303 Hawkins Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, Y1A1Y8
Geographical Area: North America
Yoga in the Yukon
Phone: 867-456-7123 Fax:

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One Month Yoga Intensives in Whitehorse, YT

Yoga is a vast, precise, and timeless system. When practiced regularly, one achieves greater health, strength, flexibility, balance, peace of mind and countless other benefits. We emphasize regular, daily practice as a way to truly feel what effects Yoga can have in your daily life. A Yoga Intensive is the situation to do just that.

For four weeks, you will have the opportunity to make this commitment to yourself; to work through your limitations, develop your strengths and create a daily habit of a healthy Yoga Practice. The "Intensive" part of this course is really your commitment to coming five days a week for four weeks, and moving through the challenges and growth that come with developing yourself through this ancient discipline.

The information shared throughout this transforming month is coming from a deep-rooted lineage. The training and teachings are coming from the wisdom of our Masters, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, two world-recognized Saints and authorities on Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga. Through their grace, guidance and blessings, the teachings of Yoga will be passed onto you by the best of your Instructors' ability.

We welcome you to join us for a journey towards health and happiness through Yoga!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to register for your intensive

(Intensives are conveniently offered in the morning or evening. All are welcome!)

Level 1 Beginners Intensive

January 24th – February 20th 2012 5:15 – 7:00 pm


February 22nd – March 20th 2012 6:15 -8:00 am


March26th – April 20th 2012 5:15- 7:00 pm

April 23rd – May 18th 2012 6:15 – 8:00 am


classes are Monday through Friday

Level 2 Intensives

The pre-requisite for a Level 2 Yoga Intensive is the completion of a previous Level 1 or 2 Yoga Intensive with Sabu

Level 2 M January 24th – February 20th 2012 Mornings 6:15 – 8:00 am

(Level 2 Course with Meditation) Register

Level 2 February 22nd – Mrch 20th 2012Evenings 5:15 – 7:00 pm


Level 2 March 26th – April 20th Mornings 6:15- 8:00 am


classes are Monday through Friday

Course Fee $290
Yoga Intensive with sabu
Yoga Styles
Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy/Theory, Bhajans/Singing

Learn from Sabu Chaitanya, over 20yrs teaching
Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Shanti Yoga Yukon, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

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