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Northern Edge Algonquin

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Short Description:
The Edge is a beautiful nature and awareness retreat centre offering meaningful, memorable yoga retreat vacations where we facilitate inspiring yoga retreats for individuals and studio groups throughout the year. Located on the edge of Algonquin Park.
Category: Yoga Studio/Center, Corporate/Onsite, Spa/Retreat Center
Full Address: P.O. Box 329, South River, Ontario, Canada, P0A1Z0
Geographical Area: North America
Yoga Retreat in Algonquin Park
Phone: 17053861595 Fax: 17053861597

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Imagine yourself in the company of like minded adults. . . experiencing the peace and serenity of nature, while balancing your mind body and spirit with yoga. Our Yoga retreats and vacation getaways at the Edge include memorable meals, intimate conversation and creative endeavors and learning new ways that lead to a balanced approach to living and being in the moment on these adult only yoga vacations in Ontario.
Yoga Retreats in Ontario
Yoga Styles
Scaravelli yoga, Meditation

Yoga Studio near Algonquin Park, Ontario
Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate

Teacher Profiles
Wendy Martin
Wendy Martin
Join Wendy Martin on a journey deep into the life of a yoga practice. Find Retreat & Renewal through daily meditation & yoga practices inspired by various styles to Open, Deepen, Align, Invigorate & Restore. My relationship with yoga over the years ebbs and flows through grace and discomfort. My practice continuously shape shifts as do my life experiences. I have learned that my yoga practice is my net, my safe place to land… In the past when I abandon my practice in times of difficulty (or my creation of frenetic energy), there is no judgment just an empty mat waiting for me to return in my own time… The magic is that when I do return my body remembers the gift of practice, it remembers it in my bones and in my cells, my heart lifts higher to the surface and wholeness begins to return.. and I re commit to my body and soul to get to the mat in times of difficulty and pressure , knowing that within those times turning inward will provide the answers.

Northern Edge Algonquin, South River, Ontario

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