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Tirisula Yoga Sdn Bhd

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Yoga teacher training, ashtanga, hatha, power, kids, partner yoga, yoga therapy,tirisula yoga style.
Category: Yoga Teacher
Full Address: 19 Jalan Puteri 12/21 Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, 47100
Geographical Area: Asia
Phone: 0166504805 Fax: 0167945804

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Hatha Yoga

Teacher Profiles
Master Paalu Ramasamy Master Teacher (Yoga Acharya) Paalu Ramasamy is regionally recognized and well respected master yoga teacher. Master Teacher Paalu is a Experienced Register Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), E500 T500 under the Yoga Alliance, USA classification of yoga teachers around the world. He is also a Reiki Grand Master under the Usui Method. Inspired by a strong background of spiritual teachings from great gurus like Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Sivananda, BKS Iyengar, Paalu has embarked on most branches of yoga including Raja, Hatha, Kriya, Kundalini, Power Yoga, Tantra, Karma and Bhakti. With the solid foundations in the various philosophies and spiritual traditions of the East and the West, Paalu has synthesized his knowledge of modern science to cover the entire spectrum of the Yoga techniques and philosophy. First, initiated in Swami Paramhansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga in 1996, Paalu has since completed diplomas in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Partner Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga. Paalu is also a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Pilates Instructor. Currently, Paalu gives talks and workshops in the region covering a wide spectrum of subjects including Yoga, Fitness, Diet and Nutrition and Yoga Philosophy. Master Paalu is very well-versed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which is his favourite subject and teaches with passion and spirituality. Todate, Master Paalu has trained more than 700 yoga teachers and his classes are very witty as well as enjoyable, fun and life transforming. Paalu's corporate clients include Ericcson, Bata, OTC, Horizon, Multi Media University (MMU), Guang Ming, Shell Malaysia, and many more. He is able to impart the traditional information about yoga to the modern people in a comprehensive and acceptable manner to different cultures and races. Master Paalu has an MBA from RMIT University, Australia and holds a Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore. For those who have experienced Master Paalu’s classes, the feedback have always been nothing short of excellent. Students have transformed their lives for the better. Master Paalu has trained students from Japan, Finland, Korea, France, Austria, Kuwait, Maldives, USA, Australia, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Nepal, Norway, and many more. Master Paalu’s key area of focus is private classes in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Weight Loss and Toning for clubs and private clients.

Tirisula Yoga Sdn Bhd, Selangor, Malaysia

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