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Little Flower Yoga for Children Teacher Training

Short Description:
Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive program addressing childrens' holistic wellness needs. Three training levels address children from 2 to teens, and address asana, pranayama, meditation, games, stories, art, nutrition and much more.
Category: Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio/Center, Yoga School/Institute, Correspondence/Home Study
Full Address: unknown address, New York, New York, United States, 10003
Geographical Area: North America
Phone: (917) 385-2005 Fax:

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Our Teacher Training is a comprehensive program addressing children's holistic wellness needs. Based in youth development principles and drawing from the Multiple Learning Styles work of Howard Gardner and the Child Centered Learning approach of Maria Montessori, Little Flower Yoga trains teachers to engage and encourage all students.

* Three Training Levels (126 hours) plus Workshop for Teachers
* Designed to meet and exceed new Yoga Alliance Standards for Children's Specialization
* Small Class size (10-12) insures individual attention
* Learn to teach children while also deepening your personal practice
* Receive ongoing support as you build your career
* Meet great people and join a vibrant community
* Teaching Opportunities with Little Flower and partner organization Bent on Learning

Teaching yoga to children is unlike anything you are likely to have done before. Prepare to have all your expectations about what a yoga class looks like shattered. The children you teach, the children who teach you, will inspire you to new levels of creativity and compel you to let go of preconceptions and relinquish a great degree of control. They will challenge your patience, your dedication and maybe even shake your confidence, but they will also inspire deep joy and satisfaction.

There is nothing quite like helping a child master a difficult balance and knowing that her confidence and self-esteem have been strengthened along with her legs, or watching a group of students dissolve into giggles as they make up their own yoga poses, or seeing the shift that occurs on a child's face when he finally release into truly nurturing relaxation (maybe for the first time ever). If you are interested in teaching children yoga, incorporating yoga into your lesson plans at school, or making yoga a part of your life with your own children, come join us for information, inspiration and fun.

Courses include Little Flower Teacher Training Levels One through Three, designed for those with prior yoga experience, and the Little Flower Teacher’s Workshop, designed for classroom teachers looking to incorporate yoga into the school day (no yoga experience is necessary).
Yoga Styles
Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Children's Yoga, Flow Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Yoga Philosophy/Theory

Class Level
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Little Flower Yoga for Children Teacher Training, New York, New York

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