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YogiSeeker's yoga lisitings employ the most refined and useful Yoga Search engine on the Internet today, which means that the people who are looking for you can find you, quickly and easily...

.. Not someone half-way around the world who stumbles upon your name on a website... But someone in your town... in your neighbourhood... who are looking for a yoga class or yoga event... and if you are listed that could be you!

  As a listed member, 

You'll be providing yoga seekers with a great profile of yourself, stored in our yoga directory, right on our website...

Your yoga listing includes:

  • Up to a 1,000 character description of you and your yoga business.

  • All of your contact information, complete with Google Map!

  • A set of search parameters that you customize to fit your yoga listing, which includes a comprehensive list of yoga styles and practices.

  • A built-in email form so that "yoga seekers" can contact you quickily and easily.

  • A direct link to your website.

  • Up to three pictures of your choice.

  • A display of your fees and pricing structure, as well as any yoga certification and memberships that you have.
  In addition, you can also add, free of charge...
  • Updatable teacher's profiles, where you can add as many yoga teachers to your yoga list as you want, complete with bio and picture for each.

  • An updatable weekly class schedule, where you can give seekers an instant look at what you have to offer, as well as information on regular, ongoing events.

  • With your yoga directory lisiting you'll also be able to advertise all your Yoga Events ...... for Free!

    For example, a Yoga Workshop. Or a Yoga Teacher Training Course. Or, A Yoga Retreat, Yoga Vacation.. Darshan, Kirtan or Pujas?

    Or, Satsang... or teachings... or ANY OTHER yoga related programs.

  • Printable YogiSeeker Web-Coupons that you can attach directly to your yoga listing. .. You can customize your web-coupons to offer discounts on yoga classes, workshops, special events, yoga products, or just about anything that you choose. Create as many coupons as you like. Add, change and delete them anytime.
  And we have yoga classifieds too.

.. Need a yoga teacher for your studio?
.. Got a space for rent?
.. Need one?

Along with your YogiSeeker lisiting you'll be able to place up to 3 ads per year for free in our comprehensive yoga classifieds section.

  Monitor your yoga listing's success

You'll also be able to see the up-to-date stats on your yoga directory listing; a traffic report will let you view the number of times that visitors have viewed your Yoga Listing details page(s) and "clicked through" to your website, for any range of dates that you specify. The report also shows the number of unique visitors who view your details page.

  Super Value!!!

Listing on YogiSeeker is a great value. In fact, it's really the best value yoga advertising around.

Listing your business for a full year, with all the fabulous features and benefits described above, will cost you only $35.00. Even lower annual costs are available on two and three year listings!

  That’s right, almost nothing to lose

We invite you to take the time to discover YogiSeeker – make those interested in Yoga aware of what you are offering by completing the listing process – then leave the rest to the YogiSeeker team

We've designed YogiSeeker to be the best yoga directory with the best yoga search engine on the Internet.

Our primary philosophy has always been to "over-deliver"... to both yoga seekers online and to our yoga directory members.

We'll continue to make YogiSeeker the best yoga searching experience available to the hundreds of thousands of people who go online looking for yoga each day...

... Putting those interested in Yoga in direct contact with Yoga teachers is our mission. .. Providing a superior level of service and unparalleled value is our goal.


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