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Japa Yoga

Have you ever heard of people chanting incomprehensible words while sitting on a specific position for long periods of time. This chanting is what you call a mantra, and this practice is the very heart of Japa Yoga.

Japa yoga and Its Impact on Your Life

Japa is a Sanskrit term for a particular spiritual discipline. Like all spiritual exercises, Japa yoga focuses on attaining the goal of realizing the Universal Spirit. This Spirit refers to us. We often fail to realize this Spirit because of body and mind as well as ego limitations. To surpass these limitations, Japa yoga utilizes mantra. What exactly is a mantra? A mantra is a meditative repetition of one or more syllables representative of the Divine aspect. It is believed that the vibrations produced by the mantra affects the whole body. This leads to calming of the senses and your mind. Attaining such will make you fit for solving any problem you might be encountering in your life at present. Japa yoga enables you to gain momentum and control of your life no matter what external or internal factors might be hindering you from accomplishing such.

The Many Benefits of Japa Yoga

There are many advantages you can gain from practicing Japa yoga. The following are only a few of the best rewards you get from the discipline:

•Increased metabolic activity of the body and improved blood circulation
•Improved overall health
•Improved level of mental concentration
•Better problem-solving skills
•Awakening of dormant capabilities and realization of your full potential
•Spiritual awareness
•Influencing your immediate environment with positive vibes effected by the Japa yoga practice in your body

What Makes Japa Yoga Unique?

Its simplicity makes Japa yoga a very unique form of spiritual discipline. Most teachers recommend this type of yoga to students because aside from the fact that it is easy, it is also a very effective way to enhance your level of concentration. The mantra is not just an ordinary word or phrase, it is Divine by nature and as such brings with it mystical and healing powers. Japa yoga teaches the fundamental truth: God is sound or the Word. Thus, utilizing mantra is filling you with the Divine. The cosmic sound which represents energy, “Om”, has many different aspects which are referred to as mantras.

The Core of Japa Yoga

Japa yoga believes not only that you are part of a bigger universe but that a unique universe lies within you. Every single cell in your body is a microcosm, a universe. This yoga’s core is the principle that you are made up of countless universes! If you constantly repeat your mantra, you develop and enhance the innate vibration that you have and awaken the countless universes within you.

Japa yoga though simple as it may seem, affects your whole living and initiates change in your daily perspective. Imagine starting your day with an easy-to-do spiritual practice that comes as handy as this!

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