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Laya Yoga


What is Laya Yoga?

The definition of Laya is “dissolution.” This form of yoga is also known as Kundalini. It teaches the person to forget about biases, impressions and confinements that he has learned throughout his life. This is done so that one can free his mind from the disruptions and prejudices that have developed over time. In turn, habitual inclinations that one has will then be eliminated, allowing it to be turned into primal energy.

Laya Yoga is one of the subtypes of yoga, but most practitioners look upon it as the highest form. Through it, one can reach the highest point in their journey for inner peace and be able to synchronize with the energy of the universe.

This form of yoga focuses on the ability of the mind to reach awareness, tranquility, and growth. One can also combine Laya yoga with certain exercises from the Hatha and Pranayama practice. Combining it with breathing and poses purifies the body and increases the inner energies of the mind and body.

More about Laya Yoga

Laya yoga classes are not as popular as other forms, but there are really studios that specialize in this practice. During classes, beginners can expect the instructors to concentrate on mantras, yantras and mandalas. It can involve different positions – one may be asked to sit, stand, walk around or lie down. Usually, one can also expect light prayers, breathing techniques, and visualization to be performed.

There are two subcategories for Laya Yoga. It can be tantric, or Vedic. This can also be known as Tantrika Laya Yoga, or Vaidika Laya Yoga.

What Is The Goal Of Laya?

The spiritual goal of this practice is to attain the ananda state. This is the state of serenity, blissfulness, and ultimate joy. Through Laya Yoga, one can communicate and unify easier with the Higher Being, and it is also a way to achieve the Fourth Consciousness. It is also known as the Yoga of Absorption, which makes it easier for its followers to overcome difficulties that they face in life.

Over millions of Americans benefit from yoga, and Laya Yoga was introduced to the West by the yogi Dr. Malik. He has learned the practice and has then reformatted the discipline to create a better fit for the Western lifestyle.

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