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About Amrit Yoga


Amrit Yoga: What Is It?

Amrit Yoga was developed by the father of Kripalu Yoga, Yogi Amrit Desai. It is known as meditation in motion and is expected to help practitioners learn the secrets of living in complete harmony and alignment. Amrit Yoga aims to integrate your inner stillness with the external action of the outside world. This form of yoga is deeply mindful, combining elements from both Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. This means that spiritual and mental awareness are cultivated along with practicing postures and pranayamas. There are typically three stages in Amrit Yoga. Stage 1 involves routines with 26 classic postures, while Stage 2 and Stage 3 teach the practitioner to access energy through intuitive guidance. The primary intent is to let go of tensions and arrive at a heartfelt sense of peaceful integration.

Who Can Try Amrit Yoga?

The teachings of Yogi Desai are especially designed for those who aspire to teach yoga as well as current teachers and students alike who want to raise the spiritual dimension of their practice and their professional skills. Amrit yoga yoga generally uses your body as the entry point through which you can explore, experience, and finally release yourself from the usual blocks preventing you from tapping into your main source of infinite potential. The concepts of Amrit Yoga can be applied to several different healing and self-discovery modalities. The internal focus cultivated by this form of yoga is considered as the most powerful tool for the prevention of chronic stress and harmful emotional reactions. These are unconscious habits that accompany us every single day and ones we need to let go of.

Amrit Yoga: Hard Work and Focus

For its part, the vigorous physical tradition, which is the other aspect of Amrit Yoga, are meant to serve as the foundation for both the spiritual and mental dimensions of your practice. This kind of hard work can effectively silence your mind, but it doesn’t have the power to alter or transcend your emotions as well as the karmic patterns that are held securely within your unconscious mind. This is why there’s a need to combine such vigorous practice with internal focus. This way, you can effectively deepen and expand the experience and scope of your practice, engaging your emotional and mental bodies as well.
Amrit Yoga: Helping You Grow
By practicing this form of yoga, you’ll have the power to get completely engaged in the practice. The practice itself absorbs you completely and fully integrates your body – heart, mind, and soul. You are therefore empowered to bask in the experience of total unity, which is an integral part of the entire yoga experience. Amrit Yoga is seen as a sort of metaphor for life itself. The skills of meditative awareness and mindful attention that you develop through your practice will help you deal with the various challenges life may throw your way. Failure in relationships, transition periods, and other personal crises can easily become opportunities for personal transformation as a result. So, if you are looking for a form of yoga that can truly help you grow as a person, then Amrit Yoga could be the practice you’ve been looking for.

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