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Anahata Yoga: Awakening of The Heart?

The term “anahata” is a Sanskrit word referring to the heart chakra, and Anahata Yoga is referred to as the yoga for awakening the heart. Developed by Yogi Ana Costa, it focuses on opening the heart chakra, while correcting bad posture and letting the life force flow freely into your body at the same time. The practice of Anahata Yoga involves a series of postures, exercises, and brief meditations. The flow of this practice is generally designed not to be physically exhausting. Rather, it is meant to facilitate full breathing, calmness, and heart awakening. Towards this purpose, emphasis is placed on the act of breathing simultaneously with movement.

Anahata Yoga: Experiencing Profound Change

When you cultivate and draw on your heart chakra’s energy, you are expected to experience profound change. Your interpretation of yourself and the world at large should come into perfect alignment with the utter sacredness of life itself. As your heart unfolds and awakens, you’re able to transcend your individual limited ego to experience a much less selfish and more natural love for yourself, for other people, and for the world around you. Of course, this transformation doesn’t happen overnight. This kind of spiritual development happens gradually, but is ultimately the true meaning of your life. This is why it is no big deal for people to change their minds several times in a day, but the term “change of heart” indicates that something great has just occurred.

How is Anahata Yoga Yoga Done?

Every person has the inborn desire to lead a life of grace, to be at home within himself, and to shape his life with spiritual meaning. Anahata Yoga supports the fulfilment of these inner desires. The practice of asanas in this form of yoga invites peace, grace, strength, and happiness to flow freely and change you for the better, such that you touch the lives of people around you in a positive way. The practice of Anahata Yoga involves a combination of breathing, posture, relaxation, and prayer. As you keep repeating the physical practice, you’ll become more sensitive to even the tiniest variations in your body, your emotions, and in the entire river of life. In a very simple way, with the help of Anahat Yoga you’re able to rebuild your connection with what’s most important, and you do this by using tools that are readily available to you: your breath, your body, your heart, and your awareness.

The Importance of Opening The Heat Chakra

Ana Costa, who founded Anahata Yoga, says that the concept of focusing a practice around the act of opening the heart chakra came to her as she was studying her guru’s teachings. At some point in those teachings, it was indicated that walking, sitting, talking, or lying down with your chest caved in is a slow but sure form of suicide. This is because such posture starves your lungs and misaligns your vertebrae. This part of the teachings had such a great impact on Costa that she decided to focus her practice on opening the heart chakra – hence the birth of Anahata Yoga. This form of yoga is unique because it links all movements to your breath. Ultimately, this Anahata Yoga is expected to bring your entire person into a total state of balance.

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