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Anusara Yoga

There are various types of yoga practices, and one of them is Anusara Yoga. Unlike other forms of yoga that are several centuries old, Anusara Yoga is relatively new and was started in 1997 by John Friend. Derived from Hatha Yoga – specifically from the Iyengar style, this type of yoga is very popular in the United States and is starting to increase in popularity in Europe as well. To date, there are more than 1200 accredited teachers for Anusara Yoga all over the world.

Flowing With Grace

Anusara basically means flowing with grace and is a type of yoga that is generally focused on alignment. Anusara is also defined by specific principles most of them stemming from Tantra, which states that all things are inherently good. This type of yoga is also inspired by the Vinsaya practice, which puts a premium on heart-opening. Lastly, Anusara yoga is intended to be practiced not just in class but as an integral part of one’s daily life as well.

This type of yoga is gaining numerous followers, and that is partly due to its uplifting philosophy, which focuses on the inherent good. Aside from that, this form of yoga understands and honors all types of levels and abilities, acknowledging the fact that students each have their own limitations and differences. Because of the lack of a rigid structure or specific sets of postures, this type of yoga is very flexible and is open for new ideas and change. The practice itself allows self-discovery and examination, making it a dynamic system overall.

Anusara Yoga Class Structure

Anusara Yoga sessions are usually structured with a beginning, which would be an invocation. Then, the middle part would involve several stages of poses and would end in meditation or some other similar traditional practices for closing. This type of yoga incorporates newer practices and traditional teachings all in one session.

Because Anusara Yoga is positive in nature, instructors and teachers are discouraged from “fixing” or “correcting” poses. The goal is for students to find the “good” inside themselves, so instead, teachers and instructors allow individuals to do their own poses and develop over time or find the divine for each and every asana that they perform.

During the practice, teachers and students are encouraged to implement the three A’s – attitude, alignment and action. Attitude refers to the heart and its power which is expressed in each and every pose or asana. Alignment, on the other hand refers to the power of awareness, which involves letting the mind focus properly on each poses. Lastly, action refers to the body’s natural flow of energy.

Should You Try Anusara Yoga?

Anusara Yoga classes are fun, lighthearted and very positive. But don’t mistake everything for easy work. Since they include Vinsaya practice, expect to do a lot of alignment work which will really stretch out your body and muscles. Unlike several forms of yoga that focus simply on the physical, it also involves several spiritual aspects, which is perfect for those who are looking to improve their spiritual and personal well-being as well.

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