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Children's Yoga

There are plenty of activities for children that they can start doing at an early age – we see a lot of sports facilities for young children and tots alike. Martial arts are also common choices, too. If you’re looking for a specific sport to engage your child in, why not consider the idea of Children’s Yoga for your child?

Yoga For Children – Why Not?

Sure, the idea of having young children practice yoga may seem quite strange, but that’s probably the same mindset most people had with martial arts ten to fifteen years ago. Today, more and more children are taking up martial arts and other sports, and yoga can certainly be a great choice for children. Just like regular yoga practices, children’s yoga involves practicing of poses or asanas which are designed to stretch, flex and strengthen the muscles.

Children’s Yoga: What Are The Benefits?

Like yoga for adults, children’s yoga has so many benefits to the body and to the mind as well. Here are some of the ways that yoga can help kids:

1)Good Health – Of course, this is one of the best benefits that children’s yoga has to offer to your child. Regular yoga practice is excellent for their bodies and helps them develop coordination, flexibility and strength. Regular yoga practice also paves the way for a healthy and active lifestyle even as they grow up.

2)Anger Management – Like most of us, children get angry at a lot of things, too. Yoga can help bring peace and calm into your child’s minds, and can help him overcome situations that usually provoke anger on a regular situation.

3)Stress Management – Children are also stressed by a lot of things including their peers, school activities, home life and the like. Practicing yga helps them effectively reduce stress whenever they want to and helps them learn how to effectively deal with situations that are stressful.

4)Energy Management – Children have a lot of energy in them, and yoga helps them release these forms of energy in a holistic manner, where they also get to exercise the body and the mind, too.

5)Focus Exercises – Children’s yoga can help your children learn how to focus, especially as they try to hold one pose or asana after another.

6)Body Awareness – Practicing yoga helps your child develop body awareness. It helps him or her become comfortable in his or her own body, and improves their self esteem as they go.

7)ADHD Management – Several researches have shown that aside from medication, practicing Children’s yoga can be a great form of treatment for children with ADHD, too.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Children as young as three years old can start practicing yoga – as long as they can already follow instructions. However, since kids will always be kids, it’s important to present yoga in such a way that it is fun and simple. There are many yoga studios that provide special children’s yoga classes. You can also try children’s yoga DVDs, which you can play and practice with your child at home. Yoga classes and videos take into consideration different age groups, so make sure that your child gets the appropriate yoga exercises for his or her age.

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