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Dru Yoga

One of the many types of yoga is Dru Yoga. Basing on its etymology, Dru Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit term Dhruva, meaning immovable and fixed in a specific place. In astrology, Dhruval is another name for the North Star – the star that remains unmoved while all other heavenly bodies come and pass. In its true essence, Dru Yoga refers to the state of utter tranquility and calmness within the heart and mind that continue to be unmoved by the outside world.

Dru Yoga classes are available in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and across Europe, Australia and Canada. Short Dru Yoga retreats and yoga holidays in these countries are also very popular.

What are the Basics of Dru Yoga?

As a graceful yet powerful exercise, Dru Yoga is composed of flowing and soft movements together with visualizations and directed breathing. These sequences are intended to relieve stress, fortify core stability, and build a sense of overall positivity, well-being and rejuvenation.

As one of its cornerstones, Dru Yoga aims to develop is heart power. With its numerous sequences and postures particularly designed to awaken and trigger the heart center or anahata chakra. Another target of Dru Yoga is the process of energy block release.

In general, Dru Yoga aims to redirect awareness to a place inside the body called Dhruvakasha – a place of stillness and filled with space. This is where strength and tranquility is rooted despite the chaos that the world brings. In this place, awareness of the various levels of being is being realized which then brings about integration of these different level and healing.

Does Dru Yoga work?

Designed as a yoga exercise for all age categories and all abilities, Dru Yoga has already been proven and tested to deliver favorable and positive effects. The various surveys conducted to study the positive effects of Dru Yoga revealed the remarkable results:

• Improvement of body awareness
• A noticeable increase in energy levels
• Decrease in back pain and body tension
• Enhanced flexibility
• Improved breathing and balance
• Change of unhealthy lifestyle
• Improved self-esteem
• Reduced stress levels and mood swings

What Exercises Are Usually Done in a Dru Yoga Class?

A combination of five therapeutic systems is executed in a Dru Yoga class namely:

Mudras or hand gestures – These gestures restore a sense of balance of hormones, energies and impulses of the nerves.

Repetitive flowing and soft movements – These movements are particularly created to detoxify and stretch tensed organs and muscles, rejuvenate vitality, improve energy management, calm the nervous system, and build up the immune system.

Mantras and affirmations – Ultimate change stems from a changed attitude; and attitude can only be changed by altering perspective. Reshaping perspective, then, brings about change in a person’s confidence. In this level, positivity is drawn and harnessed through affirmations and effect healing within the self.

Visualizations – This technique maximizes the power of the mind and redirects all energy towards changing negative thought patterns and effect healing in the body.

Prana or conscious breathing – A commonly neglected exercise, little do people know that conscious breathing relaxes emotions, revamps the mind and spreads tranquility through the body.

Life happens only once. If too much negativity is stored in the body, living may just be another chore. But with all the positivity that Dru Yoga provides, life may just be a most awaited ride after all.

Find your inner tranquility with a Dru Yoga class. Find one with our easy search tool.

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