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Flow Yoga

Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is a type of yoga greatly practiced in the Western culture. Flow Yoga is a type of Hatha Yoga that incorporates deep and rhythmic abdominal breathing with movement and different postures. Flow Yoga is used by many practitioners to stretch the tensed muscles in the body, develop more body strength and promote sound and fit mind and body. There are actually a wide variety of techniques in Flow yoga. The styles mainly differ according to the teacher of the class.

What to Expect in a Flow Yoga class?

Also popularly known as Vinyasa which means breath-synchronized movement, Flow Yoga is named as such because of the series of movements incorporated with inhale and exhale breathing in between. This sequence is often called as Flow because of the smooth transition from one pose to another becoming more like a dance than a system of poses.

Flow Yoga is a type of yoga that encourages freedom of style in its routines although, the basics are still retained. Expect more than just stretching but also movement along with breathing. Also expect participants coming from diverse age groups and abilities in a Flow Yoga class.

What can you get from Flow Yoga?

Essentially, Flow Yoga is renowned to energy and strength in the body. Two of its many perks are added self-esteem and self-worth, and a noticeable increase in flexibility. As a matter of fact, because it caters to a wide range of audience, Flow Yoga is often included in the trauma and pain recovery programs, treatment of eating disorders, and rehabilitation of drug users and addicts. Flow Yoga as a program effects positive changes in a person. It encourages reduction and management of stress, awareness of the body, and healthier organs. It also develops flexibility and reduces physical pain to a manageable level. Other common benefits of Flow Yoga are the following:

• Relaxation and greater peace of mind
• Improved balance, blood flow, and body awareness
• Lowered mood swings and anxiety
• Restored self-esteem and confidence
• Noticeable increase in strength and endurance

What are the sample sequences derived in Flow Yoga?

Flow Yoga is primarily composed of many sequences arranged to create a certain flow and may impact the body in many ways. Here are some of the following:

• Warm-up – 4 items
• Basic – This is recommended for beginners since this is simple, basic and short routines.
• Beginning – This is best if you have previous experience with yoga.
• Intermediate – This sequence is marked as the most vigorous, complex, and longest stage of Flow Yoga.
• Sun Salutations – Known as the core of hatha yoga, this is commonly done at sunrise in order to take savor the warmth and energy of the morning sun. This also contains different degrees of difficulty to better suit the needs of its practitioners.
• Special – This is specifically designed to attain specific information.

If you are looking for a yoga exercise that feeds your thirst for adventure, surprises and unpredictability, then Flow Yoga may just be the perfect fit for you.

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