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Kali Ray TriYoga

Kali Ray TriYoga seeks unity through movement, breathing and focus. Inspired by different ancient yoga schools, it intertwines physical and meditative aspects as well as Western and Eastern thought and tradition, thereby promoting harmony and balance in the body.

Kali Ray TriYoga was founded by Kali Ray, an expert yogini, with decades of experience in practicing and teaching yoga. She established the first TriYoga center in California back in 1986, and has been teaching it for over thirty years. She has been has been featured in numerous magazines, books, television shows and yoga conferences all around the world.

This practice is a work in progress and continues to evolve and develop as Kali Ray continues to teach the method.

The Philosophy Behind TriYoga

TriYoga puts a trinity emphasis on essential forces – the asana or posture, pranayama or breath and mudra or focus. Each force can exist without the other, but the best practice incorporates all three. The three important forces are married together during practice, resulting in a series of very intricate yet elegant poses which are done in a flowing and rhythmic nature.

The fundamentals of TriYoga practice include the following:

-Slow, wavelike spinal undulations emphasizing on moving one vertebra at a time.
-Economy of motion, where stillness and focus is encouraged by eliminating unnecessary and excess movements. This preserves precise alignment in between and during postures.
-Relaxation during action, requiring practitioners to engage only the muscles needed for each posture and relaxing all other muscles.

Each asana is performed with proper breathing and deep meditation. In fact, the whole session feels like a dance all throughout the body.

Kali Ray TriYoga follows a very systematic approach. The practice is comprised of seven levels, starting with the Basics. Beginners start with the basics, where they learn fundamental movements and simple breathing techniques. As soon students finish and master the sequence of asanas for a certain level, they can move to the next level until finally reaching Level 7.

Kali Ray Yoga Benefits

Through each level, students gradually encounter more complicated postures and breathing exercises. Constant practice provides a wide range of benefits.

Some physical benefits include:

-more stabilized core
-stronger and more supple spine
-stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments
-better flexibility
-improved endurance, stamina and heart health
-faster metabolism and weight loss
-better detoxification, purifying internal organs.

Of course, the benefits of Kali Ray TriYoga are more than just physical. It also accelerates the union of mind, spirit and body. Students tend to feel emotionally better and experience a state of mental clarity. Constant meditation helps people tap into their intuition and improves one’s sense of awareness, allowing him or her to live better in the now. Individuals who constantly practice TriYoga are generally happy, relaxed and in tune with themselves.

Experiencing Kali Ray TriYoga

There are currently 1000 registered TriYoga teachers and 33 TriYoga centers which are found in over thirty countries worldwide.

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