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Svaroopa Yoga

Svaroopa Yoga is a unique type of yoga that focuses on healing. It does so by using a variety of poses that open the core and decompress the spine thereby releasing tension from your body. This release of tension promotes healing, which in turn leads to personal awareness and transformation.

This type of yoga was founded by Rama Berch, who is now more popularly known as Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati. She teaches yoga following the ancient tradition and focuses on one main goal. This main goal is to reach Svaroopa, or "the bliss of your own being." Finding bliss is achieved through constant practice, which puts emphasis on the state of your mind and body, quieting it as you go.

There are many types of yoga that focus on meditation and total personal awareness, but what makes this type of yoga any different? Here is a look at some of the main principles of Svaroopa that make it completely unique in comparison to other yoga styles:

Release Vs. Stretching

Svaroopa yoga is different from other practices, because it has a different premise. Most practices focus on stretching of the muscles and joints. The poses are lengthening in nature, requiring you to stretch or reach as far as you can. While stretching is good, too much can cause over-stretching. This produces hyper-flexible but unstable joints. Svaroopa, on the other hand, is designed to unravel tensions in the body, while promoting flexibility and stability at the same time.

Releasing tight muscles improves the function of the musculoskeletal system. Not only does this relax the body; it also promotes the flow of prana (life energy), oxygen and blood supply to your muscles.

Svaroopa Yoga Is For Everyone

This practice is safe for everybody. It is very gentle, and makes use of props and materials to help you achieve poses that are difficult to achieve. It is conducted in a deeply supportive environment. Thus, it is recommended for beginners and for people who feel that they are too stiff or that they lack the flexibility for yoga.

Promotes Proper Organ Function

It creates space for your internal organs. Proponents of Svaroopa believe that when your spinal muscles tighten, they squeeze your internal organs together tightly. Frequent yoga practice massages your internal organs and creates space in your stomach. The space created makes room for all functioning organs, so that they do not press together and crowd in one part of the torso. This leads to better function, such as better digestion and bowel movement as well as deeper and easier breathing.

Svaroopa Yoga Uses your body

Svaroopa yoga requires the use of your body. During poses, you will need to engage your abdominal muscles and use your legs and arms to support the body. This is a contrast to spinal contraction, which is generally done in other types of yoga. Engaging these parts of the body help standing poses (and basically everything else that you do on a daily basis) feel more comfortable and easier.

Better and More Efficient Breathing

Svaroopa Yoga classes begin and end with the Ujjayi Pranayama, a type of breathing that provides many benefits. This includes a better immune system, lower risk of allergies and a calmer disposition.

Inner Strength and Resilience

This yoga practice goes beyond developing physical strength. True enough, most exercise programs focus on strengthening, which is often measured by the number of cuts on your muscles. A toned and muscular body may look very impressive, but this does not constitute true strength and resilience. Svaroopa yoga allows you to find inner strength and true flexibility by quieting your mind, so you can use it whenever situations in life arise.

Indeed, Svaroopa Yoga is a unique practice that provides quite a number of profound benefits. Overall, you will begin to experience different transformations in your mind, body and emotion. Constant practice will allow you to release tension and say goodbye to aches and pains in the body, while feeling calmer, more relaxed and happier at the same time.

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New Suggested Wording: Developed by Rama Berch, Svaroopa Yoga emphasizes the opening of the spine by beginning at the tailbone and progressing through each spinal area. Every pose integrates the foundational principles of asana, anatomy and yoga philosophy, and emphasizes the development of transcendent inner experience, which is called svaroopa by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This is a consciousness-oriented yoga that also promotes healing and transformation.

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