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Taoist Yoga


Taoist Yoga – Finding The Way

The practice of Taoist Yoga is anchored heavily on one of the ancient Chinese spiritual traditions. It is a modern type of yoga that combines the Taoist customs and the Indian cultural practices.

History of Tao Yoga

Tracing the beginnings of the Tao Yoga requires us to go all the way back to the ancient Han Dynasty of China. This goes as far back as 180 BC. It began as Tao Yin, which are a series of sitting, lying and standing exercises that are said to cultivate a person’s Ch’I or life energy.

The Tao Yin practice lies on the belief of the Tao, or the Way. This is one of the realities of life that are unseen on the surface. This can refer to things that we that take for granted, such as the passing of the seasons, the rise of the tides, human breathing – the cycle of life.

What is this Way? The Way can be divided into half – one part of it can be described as fiery, aggressive, dominant, and potent. The other part can be described as its complete opposite – gentle, nurturing, submissive. This is the concept of the Yin and the Yang. The combination of these two parts – completely opposite yet very dependent on each other – is what makes the Way whole.

The Tao Yin developed Tao Yoga as the development and promotion of the Tao Way through nurturing, gentle motions and exercises. Early scholars and followers of the Tao Yin used these exercises to become healthier, gearing their lives to the complete study and devotion to understanding the Way better.

Goals Of Taoist Yoga

The main goals of the Taoist Yoga may be divided into three parts.

-First, Taoist yoga was designed for its followers to develop a stronger and flexible body. The importance of a healthy, toned body is essential to enhance the conditions of the body. This is not just physical, but also mental and spiritual as well.

-Next, the Taoist Yoga practice aims to help the follower become aware of the connection between the mind, the body, and the way of breathing.

-Finally, it also desires the follower to increase the vital energy – the vital life that sustains the energy of both the individual and the universe – that circulates within the body. The goals are important since these are believed to promote the self-healing of the individual, create a balance between the body and the mind, and build the physical strength of the body.

Benefits Of Taoist Yoga

The practice of Taoist Yoga gives strength to the body, as well as giving it better balance, better flexibility, and higher stamina – including sexual stamina. There are many benefits that one can achieve by practicing it, including:

-Better sleep during the night
-Improved immune system
-Slowing down of the aging process

Taoist yoga does not just focus on exercise but on a person’s holistic development. Thus, it is recommended to anyone who wants to achieve an overall balance in the body, mind and soul.

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