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Vinyasa Yoga


Flowing Movements With Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a term that covers a wide range of yoga styles and practices. It is known as flow yoga, because it links together postures and asanas in a fast-paced and flowing manner. While it derived from hatha yoga, it is quite different from its predecessor because the transitioning between movements is faster and smoother.

What To Expect From Vinyasa Yoga

-Diversity. Vinyasa yoga classes are very diverse. There are no strict rules and sequences that govern this style of yoga. The flexibility allows instructors to create their own sequences and tailor each class to suit their philosophy or match the expertise of their students.

-Movement. Classes can either be fast or slow, but you can definitely expect movement. They may include chanting and meditation, but this will depend on the yoga teacher. Popular yoga styles like Power Yoga and Ashtanga follow the Vinyasa method.

-Breathing. Alll movements are synchronized with breath, which means that the transition from one pose to the other is accompanied by an exhale or inhale.

-Sun Salutations. While classes are generally diverse, they will certainly include sun salutations. These salutations refer to a sequence of postures done one after the other. This sequence includes the mountain pose, raised hand pose, standing forward bed and downward facing dog. This sequence may be repeated several times throughout the class.

-Sweat. An hour of Vinyasa yoga will definitely make you sweat. Of course, it is good to note that each class will differ from each other. Some Vinyasa yoga classes may be more intense than the others, but they are all guaranteed to give you a workout.

Preparing For Your Vinyasa Yoga Class

If it is your first time to join a Vinyasa yoga class, then you may want to come prepared. The class involves plenty of movement, so make sure that you wear non-restrictive clothing. You will also most likely be sweating throughout the whole session, so you may want to invest in moisture wicking clothing as well. Do not forget to bring a towel, too.

Many yoga studios have mats which students can use, but you can also invest in your own yoga mat. Always bring a water bottle to class to keep yourself hydrated throughout each session.

Is Vinyasa Yoga A Good Choice?
Vinyasa yoga’s strength lies in its diversity. Unlike other forms of yoga, there is no strict philosophy, sequence or rulebook that yoga teachers should follow. This is great if you like unpredictability or if you want to keep moving throughout class. The flexibility of this style also makes it great for beginners and experts alike.

Because of the diversity, though, it is important that you find a yoga class that suites your interests. Vinyasa yoga teachers will be taught differently depending on If your first Vinyasa yoga class is not as enjoyable as you expected, do not worry just yet. Go ahead and try other types of Vinyasa yoga classes, you will definitely find one that you are bound to like.

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