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Purna Yoga

Purna Yoga, also known as Integral Yoga, describes the practice of uniting all parts of a person's essential nature with the Divine and of completely transforming their clashing components into an amicable state of the greater divine entity and consciousness.

A Quick History of Purna Yoga

It was Sri Aurobindo who formulated a definition for purna yoga during the early 20th century. According to him, it is a course of integral searching for the Divine. With this, our entire being is ultimately freed out of the lack of knowledge. The earthly elements of our being are liberated into a truth surpassing the limits of the Mind, a truth that is not simply of greatest spiritual position but of a powerful spiritual self-expression in the whole universe.

He explains that Purna yoga is a yoga of functionality which is designed to pull together the trails of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga as detailed in the Bhagavad Gita. It could likewise be viewed as a synthesis between Tantra and Vedanta, and between the Western and Eastern ways of holiness.

What to Expect From Purna Yoga

In Purna yoga, there is what you call the Triple Transformation which is described as the process of transmutating reality into divine.

Psychicization is among the most vital phases of the Purna yoga. It is described as a spiritual inward action in order that one becomes aware of the Divine Soul in the center of a person's being. This allows change of the external being, and even to function as a spiritual path in the yoga.

The three fundamental approaches in Psychicisation are consecration, concentration, and surrender. It can also be an introduction to spiritualization, though they are not required to adhere to any form of order. Having said that, both the spiritual and the psychic transformations are fairly essential for the ultimate stage of transformation.

On account of the above transformation, serenity, light, and strength are pulled into and sinks into the body. Through this, each of its parts (vital, physical, and mental) are transformed. Spiritualisation pertains to the descent of the more substantial spiritual awareness or spiritual change.

This transformation alone, nevertheless, is not adequate to keep away from stumbling blocks of the spiritual course. This is not enough to bring about the ultimate transformation, the Supramentalisation. Psychicization is necessary as well.

Supramentalization is the fundamental phase in the purna yoga. It is the term for the descent of the Supramental awareness, and the culminating transformation of the complete being. This final stage of transformation in purna yoga makes it possible for the dawning of a whole new being entirely shaped by the greatest supramental power.

These people would become the precursors of a new reality, the consciousness structured supra-humanity. Everything that causes division will be overcome. The lack of apprehension at the essential and psychological levels will be prevailed over, substituted with a oneness of awareness. Even the actual body is changed and made divine. There will arise a new supramental species that lives a supramental, piercing, heavenly life on the planet.

Purna Yoga distills and integrates the vast aspects of yoga into an invaluable set of tools for transformation and healing. Offering wisdom and techniques for the union of the body and the mind with the Spirit, Purna Yoga teaches alignment-based asana, meditation and pranayama, along with nutrition and yogic living. Purna Yoga is the art of loving yourself by living from the heart. Founded by Aadil Palkivala and Mirra

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