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Forrest Yoga

If you are looking for information about Forrest yoga, this is a type of yoga designed by the popular yogini, Ana Forrest. This type of yoga is drawn upon her own experience of abuse, alcoholism, epilepsy and bulimia. It is based on the physical moves of the vinvasa-style of yoga practice.

The aim of Forrest Yoga is similar to the vinvasa-style of practice, which aims to heal the psychic wounds of the person. However, Ana Forrest also drew inspiration from the Native American ways of healing, such as looking deep into one’s self and reflecting in order to remove the ‘psychic wounds’ and trauma from their lives.

The students of Forrest yoga are encouraged to seek personal awareness and access their inner self. Although there are many preconceived notions that yoga requires a lot of stretching and flexibility, this is not the case in Forrest yoga. All you need is the ability to respond honestly to your emotions and to feel the authenticity of the experience.

What are the basics of Forrest Yoga?

The basis of this yoga rests on the four pillars of
Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.

- It instructs you on how to bring awareness and life to the cells of your body and light up your passion for living. Forrest yoga trains you to breathe deeply.
- It helps you learn how to be strong and focused, helping you to connect to your core better. There are forceful pose sequences that are done with the intension to aid you in discovering the skills needed to awake your senses. Your body is cleansed of toxins with the help of heat, and oxygen revitalizes your body cells through the deep breathing.

- Since Forrest Yoga aims to heal physical as well as emotional injuries, you will be the one to practice on how to become proficient at adapting to the poses to make it work best for you. You have to learn to work honestly when it comes to your edges, since it is through this that you develop the skills in dealing with struggle and fear.

- Forrest Yoga wants you to have a sense of freedom when communicating with your Spirit, and the courage to do as your Spirit commands.

Benefits of Forrest Yoga

- It is a good stress reliever, since you integrate a sequence of breathing techniques to your yoga routine – and breathing techniques are good at alleviating stress.

- The goal of Forrest Yoga is to help the individuals heal by training them to search within themselves and face their fears and feelings, and this will eventually lead them to find a solution to their problems. A benefit of Forrest Yoga is giving emotional and physical healing, as well as a sense of well-being, to the student.

- Forrest Yoga gives the body a relief from muscular tension. However, the poses of Forrest Yoga hold longer than other forms of yoga, which leads to an increase in the oxygenation of the body cells.

- Forrest Yoga strengthens your core muscles, because it has a mixture of acrobatic and dance styles incorporated into the regimen. It is an excellent form of vigorous exercise, which tones your muscles and keeps you fit.

- The Forrest Yoga detoxifies your body, using heat to flush out toxins. Since there are moves that promote stretching, it can aid the flushing out of toxins from the body, and thus gives you rejuvenation.

How will you know if the Forrest Yoga is for you?
For some, it may be another form of exercise – but the Forrest Yoga is different. It has the same benefits as other exercises, such as toxin release and more energy, but it also addresses your emotional, physical, mental and spirituals aspects, healing your emotional and physical wounds, and promoting a person’s self-awareness. If you want to be closer to your inner self as well as heal the wounds of your past, the Forrest Yoga is the best type of yoga for you.

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