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Zen Yoga


Spiritual Healing With Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga is a holistic practice that focuses on the physical, mental and awareness. Founded by Aaron Hoopes, it incorporates different forms of physical, spiritual and mental arts.

Zen Yoga: A History

Aaron Hoopes spent 25 years studying the philosophies, ancient history, medicine and martial arts of the East. He is trained in Shotokan Karate, Shanti Yoga, Qi Gong, Energy Healing, Meditation and Zen Shiatsu. He also has extensive knowledge in other forms of yoga and martial arts. He was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame in 2007. Over time, he incorporated these learning to put together a very distinct practice, which is now known as Zen yoga.

This form of yoga incorporates several Eastern modalities to put together a combination of breathing techniques, stretching exercises and meditation. It combines the serenity of meditation, the grace of Tai Chi, deep breathing from Qi Gong and postures from Shanti yoga.

Serenity From Zen Meditation

The practice of meditation is an imperative part of Zen yoga. It is influenced by Buddhist zen mediation or zazen, a discipline that calms the mind and body. Zen meditation focuses on full concentration to achieve enlightenment. It also helps control negative emotions and stress.

Graceful Tai Chi Movements

Zen yoga movements are simple and gentle. They are taken from Tai Chi, a form of Chinese martial art that uses slow and controlled movements. While it is practiced as a defense training, it also has many health benefits. Research shows that continuous practice of Tai Chi promotes flexibility, balance control and cardiovascular fitness. It has also been shown to lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks and reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. It is a very age-friendly exercise and is practiced by many elderly people worldwide.

Breathing From Qi Gong

Zen yoga also incorporates breathing exercises, which stimulate and balance the body. The breathing exercises are influenced by Qi Gong, or the practice of aligning breath, awareness and movement for exercise. Qi Gong is rooted in Chinese philosophy, martial arts and medicine. The goal of the practice is to balance the Qi, or life energy that flows in the body.

Powerful Stretches

Powerful stretches are taken from Shanti Yoga. These are not quick, strenuous or complex like other forms of yoga. Still, the stretches give you a really good stretch. Shanti yoga is known to be beneficial for stress and pain. It can help improve bodily functions, too, making it a great practice for people who constantly suffer from painful ailments.

Is Zen Yoga For You?

Zen yoga is a good choice it is mild in nature, making it an excellent choice for anybody regardless of experience, physical condition or age. In fact, it is recommended for beginners, the elderly or those who are suffering from painful conditions.

What is good about Zen yoga is that it does not just focus on the physical aspect. It also focuses on the mental and physical wellness of the individual, making it a holistic practice that anyone can enjoy.

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