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Agni Vinyasa Yoga

What does it feel like to move and breathe like fire? With Agni Vinyasa yoga, you will indeed learn the art of moving and breathing like fire.

What is Agni Vinyasa Yoga?

Agni Vinyasa yoga is a unique type of physical and mental as well as spiritual discipline which roots come from various modern India traditions. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word which means linking your body movement with your breathing pace. Agni is another Sanskrit term given to the Vedic god of fire. Hence, Agni Vinyasa yoga is a meditation synchronizing your breathing with the movement of fire. Every session of combines the traditional yoga systems using specific movements and patterns with the more modern Terpsichore as well as Yin yoga. Agni Vinyasa yoga is a style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Hatha yoga. The latter is a modern-day meditation system created by K. Pattabhi Jois.

What makes Agni Vinyasa Yoga Unique?

Creativity and experimentation are the elements vital to Agni Vinyasa yoga. This yogic system employs special patterns of soft yet vigorous movements for every session. Agni Vinyasa yoga focuses on purifying the body, increasing the level of concentration, opening the center of your heart and increasing your body’s endurance. What makes this yoga distinctive are the movements patterned with the mechanism of fire, making the meditative process more physically vigorous than other yoga types.

The poses are also consecutive which allows no room for distraction. Aside from the obvious benefits of increased metabolic activity, better blood circulation and weight loss, the yogic movements center on freeing and opening your inner self by ridding you of all negative energies.

Learning Agni Vinyasa Yoga

Agni Vinyasa yoga uses good form and body alignment during the practice of asana. Asana means a repertoire of postures using the spine as a channel for the biodynamic union. The term also denotes sitting down firmly but in a relaxed manner and for an extended time period. Music, bandhas (locks) and proper breathing are important factors in this type of yoga. Certain asanas are performed in quick series and very rapid pace. Though proper asanas execution is required for Agni Vinyasa yoga, the alignment must extend beyond the usual to strengthen the joints and energy centers within the body.

Different techniques with a variation of slow to fast-paced breathing are employed to. Rigorous movements are utilized to awaken the body more. Some poses are retained longer and repetitively to strengthen specific parts of the body. For more advanced Agni Vinyasa yoga classes, music is not recommended because this can disrupt mental concentration. The mantras being used start at a slow pace. The rhythm becomes faster as the music goes on. The music then slows down and becomes softer when gearing towards the final part of each lesson. A guided relaxation culminates the session.

Agni Vinyasa yoga is a meditative system firmly grounded on composure and aims at deeply realizing the movement of your center, opening your heart and mental channel for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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