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Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga wherein the usual restrictions in your physical aspect of your body are viewed as sheets or layers of shadow which has been frozen. And by practicing a sequence of yoga sequences which were developed by its founder Zhander Remete, you are expected to free your body from these restrictions.

As a result, your mind is also released from its restrictive conditioning. The progress you gain through these sequences brings changes in your firmness and flexibility, improves the way you breathe as well as cultivates a deeper awareness of the rhythmic surge of your life force’s inner motions. These changes prepare “freestyle” sequences which you can initially apply.

Shadow Yoga Forms

Shadow Yoga has fixed forms which employs the principles of marmasthana, a guide based on the Indian system involving the 108 vital junctions of the human body. These principles are used to attain the right combination of rhythmic movements and positions in such a way your flow of breath is not obstructed in any way.

Shadow Yoga Benefits

It is believed that by putting control on the apana or downward motion of inspiration and the prana or upward motion of expiration, a practitioner of Shadow Yoga successfully balances and quiets the body’s three humours. Shadow yoga also cleanses subtle body’s channels and controls vital energy movement throughout his subtle and physical bodies as well as developing control of the mind all at the same time.
Tracing Back The Roots
Shadow Yoga is a relatively modern type or school of yoga that traces its roots back to classical Hatha Yoga. It places great emphasis on four basic forms that are meant to prepare the student for the performance of the classical asanas. Reflecting some of the most common principles found in yoga, martial arts, traditional and cultural dance and the Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of medicine, the Shadow forms utilize a combination of leg and arm movements as well as deep breathing. This strengthens and frees the energy of the body’s periphery channels. The freed energy can then feed into and increase your central life force.

Shadow Yoga Principles

According to the text of Hatha Yoga, your body is composed of shadows which are usually frozen in your energetic and behavioural patterns. The main goal of Shadow Yoga, therefore, is to disband and eliminate these blockages and bring light into the places which have been blocked and filled with darkness. According to the founder of Shadow Yoga - Zhander Remete, the form of yoga is specifically designed in order to remove the excesses caused by habitual living so as to free this energy such that you can direct it to a higher order of living.

The founder goes on to say that every single human being is gifted with the potential to free this energy, but such potential is usually masked by the fluctuations of your restrictively conditioned mind. The mind usually becomes aware of this power only when it stops projecting and reaches a steady state of concentration. It is the perfection of this state which is the goal of Shadow Yoga, but for you to have a chance at success; you’ll have to be pointed in the right direction to begin with. The key to success therefore lies in the right preparation.

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