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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

The Phoenix Rising therapeutic approach to yoga is a synergistic blend of contemporary psychotherapy which focuses upon the mind and yoga which focuses upon the body, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy understands that body and mind are not separate, and thus physical and emotional issues are profoundly connected.

Operating under the assumption that the body is a repository for all life’s experiences, both positive and negative, PRYT opens tensely held parts of the body so that pent-up feelings, fears and resistances are revealed and the insights gained are then put into action.

Private session are a non-directive, client-centered process. In a typical session, you are guided through a sequence of carefully selected, assisted postures designed to bring you deeper into an internal experience. As you are supported in the postures, the practitioner guides you in dialogue about what’s happening in your body.

Group classes hold to a similar non-directive format with students closing their eyes and being verbally led through and internal dialogue with their bodies around 8 themes starting with awareness, acceptance, and choice...

This unique combination of postures and focused dialogue often has a synergistic effect, enabling you to readily access information stored in the body, and to gain new insights into long-standing patterns and chronic physical and mental tensions.

Each class / session concludes with an integration, to assist in processing your experience and finding the connections with your life "off the mat" and exploring how you can bring new-found insights into action.

This style was suggested by Soleil Hepner
Advanced certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner in Seattle, WA.
On Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy faculty as a mentor and trainer since 2005

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