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Dharma Mittra Yoga

Dharma Mittra Yoga is a spiritual journey like no other. Dharma Mittra yoga ideal for everyone who wishes to find ultimate happiness through decisive union with God and liberation from mundane inclinations. Dharma Mittra Yoga is an established classic yoga practice, a once-in-a lifetime chance to recreate your life in a very holistic way.

Dharma Mittra Yoga Beginnings

If you have heard the name Dharma Mittra then you’ve surely known this master’s contribution to the world of yoga. Dharma Mittra studied yoga since 1958 and began teaching in 1967. He is currently the Dharma Yoga New York Center’s director. As yoga guru with many excellent years of studying and perfecting the yogic system, on 1984 he completed the “Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures” of which he is best known for. Also called Dharma Mittra yoga, his yogic system is like no other.

What makes Dharma Mittra Yoga so Special?

Dharma Mittra yoga, notably known for “Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures,” consists 1,300 yoga postures of which the master photographed himself. His work has served as an inspirational tool for avid yoga students and teachers alike. Dharma Mittra yoga focuses on the classical yoga practice. With 50 years of expertise in yoga, the man himself has made sure that his yogic system will empower the body and strengthen your defense against diseases and ailments. The guru’s yogic principle emphasizes ahimsa (non-harming) by means of vegetarianism and veganism. Dharma Mittra Yoga centers on extending kindness to all living creatures.

Purification of the mind is one of the great aims of Dharma Mittra yoga. One of the many teachings by the guru is to keep in mind that the goals of the yogic practice are the realization of God and the firm desire for freedom from worldly and inordinate attachments.

Instructional Materials for Dharma Mittra Yoga

Dharma Mittra yoga uses many instructional materials aside from the chart mentioned above:

•Maha Sadhana (which means “The Great Practice”) DVD set- this DVD contains 2 levels namely Level I- Shortcut to Immortality and Level II- Stairway to Bliss. This DVD includes 8 hours of posture and breathing practices, holy teachings and Kirtan. The latter is a traditional Indian call-and-response chanting used for devotional purposes. It is believed that Kirtan can help you achieve improvement in concentration, attain psychic and healing powers. Level I is of Asana or different postures while Level II is of Pranayama or breathing exercises.

•“Life of a Yogi” comes in 200-, 500- and 800-hour Dharma Mittra yoga training with the focus on yoga’s famous eight limbs and nine forms. This is designed by Sri Dharma himself. The daily session starts with spiritual discourses delivered by the guru. Carefully designed lectures are also incorporated during the lesson.

•Handcrafted charts are given to every participant to keep track of the daily practice and progress during the course of the Dharma Mittra yoga program.
•A recent book, “Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses” is another material produced by the famous guru last 2003 and is also reflective of the techniques and concepts used during the whole Dharma Mittra yoga classes.

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