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Pa Kua Chinese Yoga

Yoga finds its origins in India, but has spread all throughout the East and eventually the West. Yoga practice is also popular in other countries in Asia giving rise to many practices that are unique to specific places, such as the Pa Kua Yoga of Chinese.

Pa Kua Chinese yoga is a combination of two key elements: Pa Kua, a form of Chinese martial arts and the components of Chinese Yoga including poses, breathing techniques, stretches and meditation. The combination of these two main ideologies then unites the body and the mind to achieve Sintony or Sintonia.

Key Concepts of Pa Kua Chinese Yoga
Sintony is another term for the study of Chinese Yoga. This type of yoga leads its followers to self-knowledge with the use of different martial art positions and specific postures, breathing techniques, meditation and stretching.

The principles of Pa Kua Chinese Yoga state that the key to understanding the environment and the universe is within themselves. By doing so, Sintony helps the body and the mind to work together in order to form a harmony. This can only be achieved by producing self-awareness through extensive practice of movements and different meditation techniques.

Here is a quick overview of Pa Kua Chinese Yoga classes:

-Focus and meditation exercises
-Proper posture for flexibility
-Specific poses for strength and balance
-Stress relief strategies
-Qi gong

Benefits of Pa Kua Chinese Yoga

One major benefit of Pa Kua Yoga is that it conditions the body both physically and mentally. While Pa Kua Yoga practice is quite introspective in nature, it is also a great source of physical exercise. The movements involved in the practice are intense on the body. Over time, it can help tone and strengthen the muscles and burn calories at the same time. The strengthening of the muscles also reduces the possibility of injuries.

The postures and stretching techniques promote flexibility and balance, enabling followers to be more attune to their bodies as time passes. It is also highly beneficial for overall wellness, especially when it comes to reducing stress and increasing relaxation. The different postures and martial arts techniques require followers to be mindful of their posture and breathing, making it a great practice for the mind as well.

What makes Pa Kua Chinese Yoga Different

What makes Pa Kua Chinese Yoga different is that it goes beyond asanas and breathing. It makes use of concepts from the martial arts aspect of PaKua, and incorporates it in the practice of Sintony. It also makes use of the concepts of the five key elements found in PaKua: fire, earth, water, wind and wood. The understanding of the balance of the five elements found within the body and the five elements found in the outside world, will eventually lead to the achievement of Sintony – which is in the end the ultimate goal of Pa Kua Chinese yoga. By reaching Sintony, you finally find yourself aware of the secrets of the universe and yourself, allowing you to cope with any situation that life has to offer.

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Contributed by: Chaminda gamage       Date: June 22, 2010
New Suggested Wording: Ancient Chinese Practice, coming from Taoist and Buddist Monks and from Chinese Medicine. Pa Kua, means Eight Changes/Transformations, it is the name of the Ancient Knowledge that we acquire from within, while practicing postures and breathing techniques and learning to adopt to life's changes. Every level and ability enjoys tremendous benefits.
Suggested by Master Bella Mokover , III degree Black Belt in Pa Kua Martial Arts, non-competitive Martial and Internal Chinese Art.She has her own studio in Los Angeles, where she teaches group classes and trains instructors in Chinese Yoga, T'ai Chi, Reflexology, Martial Arts and Weapons. Pa Kua International League has schools all over the world, growing exponentially very fast.

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