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Sri Sri Yoga


Sri Sri Yoga – Combining Different Yoga Aspects

There are many forms of yoga – some focus on the body, some on the mind, while others incorporate a wide range of things. Sri Sri Yoga is a practice that incorporates different aspects of yoga, helping individuals balance the mind, body and spirit.

A Combination Of Different Yoga Practices

Sri Sri Yoga incorporates a wide number of aspects which are the focus of different types of yoga practice. It is primarily a form of Hatha Yoga, which focuses on Asana and Pranayama. Likewise, it also incorporates meditation and practical wisdom, Seva or the involvement in service projects and Satang, or kindling the devotion within one’s self by being with other devotees. These aspects are focuses of other specific types of yoga.


Asana means posture or pose. The word, when translated, means seat; this is because asanas were used as stable poses which one could assume during prolonged meditation. Asanas go beyond stretching, since they open the nadis (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers), purifying the body in the process. The postures also strengthen the muscles over time and keep the mind focused as well. Sri Sri Yoga asanas can range from simple to difficult poses, making the practice suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


Pranayama comes from the words prana (life energy) and yama (control or discipline). Basically, it refers to the science of breath control. Pranayama consists of exercises that help control breathing, helping regulate the flow of pranic energy in the body. It also teaches the body to take healthy, deep breaths and prepare for mediation. Hatha and Kundalini yoga focus primarily on breathing.


Meditation is done to dissipate all thoughts, quieting the mind and reaching a full awareness of the present moment. On top of asanas and pranayamas, meditation nurtures the mind and spirit even further. Meditation can be learned, but is usually introduced once to Sri Sri Yoga students after sufficient exposure to proper breathing and poses. It is a primary focus of Raja yoga.


Jnana, which means knowledge in Sanskrit, is an important type of yoga is important in Hindu philosophy. Sri Sri Yoga incorporates knowledge by teaching individuals practical knowledge that they can use in day to day life.


Sri Sri Yoga encourages Seva. This refers to selfless service performed to others without expecting reciprocity for the action, following the teachings of Karma Yoga.


Satsang, as followed by Bhakti yoga, refers to the opportunity to kindle one’s devotion to yoga by being in the company of devotees.

Benefits Of Sri Sri Yoga

By incorporating different yoga aspects, Sri Sri Yoga offers a wide range of benefits. It helps strengthen the muscles and bones, improve flexibility, promote proper posture, regulate circulation and digestion and enhance the overall function of the body. It’s also reduces stress, improves intuition and memory and sharpens the intellect. Likewise, Sri Sri Yoga helps people sharpen their sensitivity, allowing them to become aware of more subtle levels of their existence.

All of these benefits come together and produce an overall balance of the body, the spirit and the mind.

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