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OM Yoga

Research studies suggest that practicing yoga can provide you with a number of significant health benefits. This is why yoga has now started to enter the mainstream and has risen in popularity. There are many types of yoga practice and categories today, and it may not be that easy to draw the line between each of the yoga styles. However, no matter how similar or different they may be, there is still one thing that is common among them. It is that sound you need to create when you exercise yoga. It is the “Om” in yoga.

What is Om Yoga?

While there are many types of chants, which are vocalized during yoga practice, the sound “om” is the most common of all.

Om Yoga, oftentimes associated with Pranava Yoga, refers to the traditional meditation technique that conditions the mind upon repeatedly reciting the mantra, Aum, simultaneously with breath.

Doing this chant will give you to ability to view things in a different perspective. It enables you to reflect about how the entire universe moves. It resounds through your body and enters deep into your soul. You will then begin to perceive a greater bond that brings tranquility and harmony.

What Does “Om” in Yoga Mean?

Om is actually not a word, and has no specific meaning as a word. However, it is very important in many Dharmic religions and in the yoga practice itself.
It is a sound that is derived from “Aum” wherein each letter signifies a deeper meaning. The letter A represents your conscious state of mind, U signifies your dream state of mind, and M symbolizes your spirit and dreamless state of mind.

In line with the Hindu belief, Aum is a primal syllable from which the entire universe was made. In yoga, it is the most revered of all sacred chants. It is the highest form of mantra. Aum is otherwise referred to as Pranava, which literally means controller and giver of life.

How is OM Yoga Done?

1. The first thing to carry out when doing Om yoga is knowing how to produce the mystical sound correctly. “Om” must be pronounced as “aum” with each letter spoken individually.

2. Sit with a long spine. Relax while sitting down and be sure you are comfortable in your position.

3. Ease your throat and breathe in deeply.

4. When you breathe out, make the “A” sound from the back of your throat.

5. Pronounce “U” by bringing your lips together.

6. When you finally close your lips, hum the “M” sound for as long as you can.

7. Repeat the process three times. However, you can do it more than thrice. The more repetition you make, the more health benefits you gain.

8. Traditionally, Om yoga is done at the start and at the end of every yoga session.

During your yoga class, you will most likely be enunciating or chanting “Om” regularly along with different poses, so it is a good idea to fully master it to completely achieve its effect.

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