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Hariom Yoga

Yoga is not merely a type of exercise designed to help your body become fit and healthy – it is much more than that. Yoga is a lifestyle, originating from India way back, and it promotes the peacefulness of thoughts, deeds and actions, and these can be achieved through a healthy, fit body. It makes use of several postures and techniques that leads to bodily benefits such as improved blood circulation, sharper memory, less receptivity to stress and worry, and increase in self-control, among others. But because of the variety of yoga practices, it may be difficult for you to choose. This article is about Hari Om Yoga, and whether it is the best pick for you.

Hari-Om Yoga

Hari-Om is a type of yoga that does not fall into any type of yoga at all. Some types of yoga can be categorized as meditative, while others incorporate more exercise than others. Hari-om Yoga, on the other hand is an integration of various yoga types. It does not rely on one type of style alone, for it incorporates the practices of Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnan and Karma Yoga.

It promotes the discipline of the body and the mind, which is one of the main principles of the practice itself. Unlike other exercises or practices, Hari-Om yoga does not discriminate when it comes to gender or physical built. The practice welcomes all who desire to learn more about yoga and understand more of themselves.

Hari-Om Yoga History

The founder of Hari-Om Yoga, Marco Mandrino, is registered in the Yoga Alliance School, and accredited by the Italian Olympic Committee. It is currently one of the most popular schools of yoga in Italy and parts of Europe. Mandrino’s aim is to combine the elements of the different schools of yoga to fully achieve all of its benefits. The combination of elements eventually leads to a unification of all the essential elements, coming from each person’s point of view and experience, which leads to a more enriching, fulfilling knowledge.

Some of the advantages of Hari-Om include proper circulation, detoxification, strength and flexibility, stress relief, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, proper breath control, weight loss and overall fitness.

Hari-Om Difference

There are some yoga styles which are not flexible, with fixed positions and routines that have to be followed. Hari-Om yoga is completely different, for there are no rules or specific asanas to follow. There are no predetermined concepts to believe in. One only has to see beauty in everything that surrounds them. Hari-Om believes in the body’s competence, working intensely, being mentally present and paying attention to oneself and the love for yoga. The teacher’s main goal is to make you feel welcome and to teach you to find the beauty in chaos, sounds and movements. This way, you achieve the philosophy of developing a calm mind and active body which in turn leads to an inspired life

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